Short film curated by Christopher Nolan

If you liked Interstellar, you might also like EMIC: An Interstellar Time Capsule Film. He curated this short film from public submissions about what humanity would want to remember about Earth when we someday venture forth, out among the stars.

Deeply touching and evocative, I thought:

For a film that’s supposed to be about the remembrance of Earth, it certainly seems to spend an awful lot of time focused on humanity. This is all scenes of human behavior, human cultures, human lifestyle - the things we’ll be taking with us when we go outward, not the things we’ll be leaving behind. The things that we’d miss most about life on this planet - the feeling of the Sun on your face, the smell of fresh grass, the feeling you get when you step outside on a cold, clear winter morning - none of that is encapsulated here.

Also, it needs less ambient electronic music and more David Attenborough.