Short films

Many of you remember The Story of a Sign from 2008.

Here’s another Cannes winner. Sweet.

The company I work for distributes a LOT of shorts. Some of them are pretty astonishing. A bunch of them are available for free on hulu. Check out “The Trident” and “I Fucking Hate You.” “The Victim” is pretty good too. The best one we have, I think, is “Down the Road,” but it’s not on hulu right now.

I was going to shoot a short, but no one would see it. So I decided to use it one of seven vignettes that are linked by a device.

Now I have to come up with a bunch more shorts… and I hate writing.

I really like The Story of a Sign. Though I thought the guy should have put a few bills in the old man’s tin.

The other one was adorable. I don’t have kids, but I can understand exactly how the little girl was thinking.

I should mention that “The Trident” stars David Carradine and “The Victim” stars David Strathairn and Patti Lupone. There’s a pretty good one called “Bit Players” with Vern Troyer as an actor stuck playing Oompa-Loompas while he dreams of doing Tennessee Williams.