Short Term Medical Insurance with no residency?

Hi all,

My wife and I will be leaving Europe soon, to travel for 2 months in Canada then onwards to Asia where we will set up our new home.

We would like to get medical insurance to cover ourselves during our time travelling. So far I’ve only been able to find travel medical insurance that covers someone with residency in a particular country.

Since we’ll be leaving one country, travelling, then ending up in a 3rd country, we won’t be able to claim residency anywhere along the way.

What options do we have?

While I cannot answer your question, I can tell you that in Canada, if you move out of a province you are still considered a resident of the old province (for medical insurance purposes) for three months. However, the coverage is limited to what the province would pay. So snowbirds who spend the winter in Florida will have to buy supplemental insurance since the US costs for medical costs will likely be two or three times what the province would pay. They also have to be careful not to be away for over three months as they would lose their coverage and would not get it back till they’ve been back for three months.

I’ve heard that sometimes residency doesn’t change until you have a new permenant residency somewhere else.

I presume the safest course of action would be to get something in writing from our current insurance, if they say they’ll cover us for that period.