Short trip to Maine - what to do?

Must not forget clams.

We went across the bridge and saw the fort - did not go up the observatory because at that point it was pouring down rain :frowning:

Yeah, like two inches of rain came down in one day last week, or something crazy like that. Still, being in the rain in Maine is better than being in NJ!

Was this on the coast or the plain?

Must not forget cod

Go to beach

Eat more cod & lobster

And have a whoopie pie with a Moxie. And Moose Tracks ice cream.

Our Main trip overlapped with yours. The Coastal Maine Botanical Garden was recommended to me, but we didn’t end up stopping. It’s off of route 1, so out of the way unless you’re deliberately taking the scenic route between Portland and MDI. Which we did take on the way north.

Oh no, skip the Moxie. I’m a Mainer and that stuff is nasty. Oddly, diet Moxie is a little better.

If you want a Maine liquid, have Lunch.

I can’t stand Moxie either, but I can’t stand diet Moxie even more. Worst of all was the Moxie energy drink, a drink that will live in infamy.

I visited Portland, Ogunquit, Wiscasset the Camden area and a few other areas in May, 2021 with my cousin who lived in the area some years ago.

We enjoyed having a bite to eat at one of the ubiquitous lobster shacks, stopping at some of the lighthouses to enjoy the unique coastline and leisurely walking through the towns. It definitely has its own enjoyable vibe.

If you are into such things, I would recommend the Portland Museum of Art.

Also - Portland has a lovely area to stroll along the harbor. It is called Old Port and has maintained its historical ambiance near the wharf.

Moxie is vile, and you seem to agree. So what on earth possessed you to try the other two products? :smiley:

I’m a New Englander, it’s what we do.

Speak for yourself. Some of us have more sense than to give Moxie a second chance.

Inland - the rain in Maine stays mainly on the plain, of course.

(Well, we ate lunch overlooking a riverfront in Wiscasset and it was raining there too…).

We wanted to visit the botanical gardens - but did not, due to the the deluge :(.

My daughter actually went to the Maine College of Art’s summer program 2 years in a row - loved it, and that’s how we became fond of Portland. We love walking around the waterfront area. I was sorry we didn’t get to do so this time. If we had not already made the decision to head back to Rutland for some of Saturday (concern over daughter) we might have tried harder to spend time there - as it seemed like the rain let up just an hour or two after we passed it by.

What a lovely experience for your daughter. Maine certainly has an abundance of interesting artistic opportunities.

I loved exploring the little villages and towns along the coast.

It does have a lot of rain as well!