The Maine Event - Travel Advice

Here I am again seeking advice on a travel destination: Maine!

The details:

It will be a short trip (a long weekend) in mid-August. We want to see the coast, lighthouses, an Acadia National Park. We are also interrested in gorging ourselves on lobster. We will probably fly into Boston and rent a car.

The questions:

What to see and do in the time aloted?
Where to stay that won’t break the bank (my travel partner is interested in B&B’s)?
Where is the best place(s) for a lobster feast?
Where are the best views?
Where/what are the best “hidden gems?”
If you could only see one thing in Maine, what would it be?

I look forward to reading your advice and recommendations. :slight_smile:

Distances a big, it’s a 5 hour drive from Boston to Acadia. If you are going there I’d suggest going straight there and spend most of your time nearby. Otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of driving.

I always camp, so that won’t help you.

Lobster pounds are in every village, town, or road junction. It’s hard throw a stone and not hit one. If you are near MDI (Mount Desert Island) there’s a fine place in Southwest Harbor called Brown’s. If you are driving through Wiscasset, Red’s Eats has the best lobstah roll in the state.

View of what? If you are in Acadia I recommend getting out and hiking some of the trails or renting bikes and going on the Carriage Roads. Especially on the western side of the park, Bass Light is quite nice.

If we told you, they wouldn’t be hidden, now would they?

Baxter State Park in central Maine. But it’s for hiking/backpacking and is way out of your way.

If you are doing a long weekend, plan maybe one stop on the way up and one on the way down. If you are travelling north on Fri/Sat or south on Sunday expect to hit lots of traffic. A windjammer tour out of Boothbay Harbour is nice, taking the boat out to Monhegan Island for the day, or renting kayaks for some paddling. You can’t see Maine without getting on the water.

You should consider flying in and out of Portland ME, it’ll save you 2+ hours of drving each way.

As Telemark said, MAine a b-i-g place. It will take you 6 or 8 hours to drive up from Boston if you are talking about a Friday or Saturday in August. Everyone in Mass, NH, CT and RI is trying to get into the State of Maine on Friday’s and Saturdays.

There are dozens of first class hotels and B&B’s in Bar Harbor and they all are 90% booked right now!, and you can expect to pay through the nose if you want to stay on the island. The view from Mt. Cadillac is impressive as is the view from anywhere on the coast. There’s dozens of lobster pounds serving lobstah that was swimming in the ocean 15 minutes before you arrived.

My personal favorites are Acadia and the Camden-Rockland area.

Have a great trip but don’t try and see the whole State in one weekeng. I’ve been here 60 years and still have a lot of territory to cover.

As for a place to eat your fill of lobster, may I suggest the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound.

My parents-in-law have a place not a half-mile from here. It’s the VERY last place you can stop (conveniently on the right side) before crossing the bridge from the mainland onto Mt Desert Island.

As far as local lobster resturants in the York/Kittery/Eliot area go…

Bosn’s Landing off of Rte 1 in York;
decent lobster, really good OVESTUFFED lobster roll (think lobster in a hamburger roll filled so thick you have to dislocate your jaw to eat it), pricey though ($12 last I checked)

The Weathervane in Kittery;
decent lobster and lobster rolls, fairly priced, lobster rolls are on the traditional grilled hot dog roll with a bed of lettuce under the lobster (a couple leaves really)

Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery;
directly across Rte 1 from The Weathervane, it’s an oversized roadside stand, Bobs and the Weathervane have sort of an impromptu competition between them, decent food, fair prices, their signature foods are the lobster roll (on a hot dog roll like the Weathervane) and their fried clams

of the three, you get the most lobster in Bosn’s, but they’re the most expensive, and all their prices are of the “rake in as much from the tourists as possible” variety, Bosn’s is the most expensive resturant of the three

if you want the most traditional New England experience of the three, go to Bob’s and eat your lobster roll on one of their picnic tables…

while you’re there, check out the Kittery Trading Post, on the same side of the road as Bob’s, it’s a HUGE sporting goods outfitter, you name it, they’ve probably got it, fishing tackle, archery, shooting sports, knives, clothing, camping supplies, kayaks, and canoes, tacky little gifts, across the street in the Tanger Outlet minimall, they have the KTP X-Sports division, which handles paintball, surfing, and bikes…

Oh, i almost forgot, off of Long Sands Beach in York, Maine, you can view one of the most populal lighthouses in Southern Maine, the Nubble Light

probably one of the most photographed lighthouses in Southern Maine, it was even shown in the miniseries of Stephen King’s “The Stand”

Cadillac Mountain and Acadia National Park are lovely. Miles of walking trails with beautiful stone bridges (built as a carriage road by the Vanderbilts? I can’t remember).

Bar Harbor is convenient to Acadia, but good luck finding accomodations. As for a darn nice B&B, try the Balance Rock Inn.

There is a really cool spot where at low tide, you can walk across the sound to an island. It’s kind of fun!