"Shorties watching shorties"? Jesus Christ, people

Remember a couple of months or so ago Comedy Central was playing these little short animated segments which sort of “illustrated” stand-up comics’ routines by visually depicting exactly whatever it was the comic was describing during the part of their routine played back during the segment?

Did anyone else find these as hideously unfunny as I did?

Was anyone else relieved when they stopped playing these things, thinking maybe someone in the heiarchy had finally got a clue?

Did anyone else start screaming at the television as loudly as I did when I discovered that not only are those segments coming back, they are to constitute an entire 30 minute tv show, and not only that, but this show is to feature little talking babies supposedly watching the show along with us and making stupid crude poop and burp jokes in between segments?

I say the following as a good christian:

Oh my fucking God incarnate Jesus Christ


I had a more mixed reaction to the orginal shorts. Some were cute and funny others were not.

But the baby thing…yikes. It’s like they said “hmmm let’s make the baby versions of the kids from south park. Only strip them down to just burp and fart jokes because writing anything more complex would be hard.”

Yeah, I thought the original shorts were pretty ghastly, and obviously done by someone who does not understand comedy. You take even the funniest routine, and you kill the joke by wildly telegraphing it: “Get it? See? IT’S FUNNY!

I wonder what the stand-ups think of this? Did they get any input?

I never saw the original batch, so it was new to me when I saw one the other day, and it was NOT FUNNY. It left a bad taste in my eyeballs through the rest of The Daily Show.

I’ve seen promos for this and you can smell the suckitude coming a mile away. Yeesh!

The problem I had with the original shorts was that they were all routines I’d seen a hundred thousand billion times before. I think I first heard Jeanine Garofalo’s “Stairmaster Ring of Dante’s Inferno” bit when I was twelve. Animating it did not make it any fresher.

Apologies to Ms. Garofalo for what I did to her name.

I’ve seen the promos and assumed it would be an animated version of the puppet version of audio crank call jokes that are already old and stale.

Comedy Central is going downhill fast. The only thing worth watching is “Daily Show”, “South Park” and “Chappell show”. Oh, and “Insomniac”. (That Dave Attell!) Colin Quinn did have one damn funny line: “I was a little suspicious when the confessional had a ‘Glory Hole’!” :smiley:

And what was that horsecrap “Top 100 Standups”?. I said to the wife, “So, who is pimping new DVD releases now?”. Then I saw, down in the right corner, “Up next! Richard Pryor: I ain’t dead yet, Mother %$#@&*!”. Ah, that’s who. :rolleyes:

Downhill? When was the last time they had four original, high-quality programs running at the same time? This is a peak, for them.

I’ve never even heard of this, as I watch virtually no television. I hate television. However, I am somehow fascinated by luridy awful things; and as long as I don’t actually have to witness it myself on the glowing blue screen, all’s the better.

So, what goes on in these shorts, anyway? I mean, if the comic is going on about how he was gettin’ busy, but accidently slipped it up da poop chute, do they depict this? To be honest, I don’t know how raunchy they let it get on Com Cent. (since I never watch), but I figure graphic descriptions of amputee midget sex are de rigeur these days. So, the idea that, whilst some comic is ranting about pussy farts, computer-enhanced babies are doing some live-action riff on the subject, well…it’s indeed pretty a pretty heinous thing to contemplate.

Does this televised egregiousness actually go on?

You’re right. The bit that was played for me when I saw the “Shorties” ad was the one where the guy talks about his aunt that died. “We called her ‘Aunt Tique’”, “Her phone number was 3”, hahahahahahahahahah!!! Right?

No worse than what she’s done to herself. Blond? What were you thinking? I’d rather see you bald than blond. And the tatooes? Did she lose a bet or something?

As for the show it’ll suck like a vacuum.