Shot in the Dark: Recognize This "Blue Collar" Comedy Song?

XM has a “Blue Collar” comedy channel, where they play comedy bits from performers who appeal to a more… er… Red-State demographic. One of the acts they play from time to time is a group that does comedy songs. The one I’m thinking of has a title that references simpler times, like “The Sixties Were Better” or something.

The song opens with a man talking over his guitar-playing, and he says something like this: “The other day I was walking through Nashville, and I saw Conway Twitty. And I thought to myself… Well shit the bid! It’s Conway Twitty!” He then goes into the actual song, which IIRC, is about how the sixties actually sucked, what with Jim Crow laws and such.

Is this ringing a bell for anyone?

“The Fifties Suck” by Pinkard & Bowden. Lyrics.

Wow. Just, wow. And I wrote the OP thinking i had no hope.

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