Shot myself in the foot on Ebay

So I’m trying to get rid of a couch. I put it up on Ebay for pick-up only. I just want to get rid of it and figured it be better for ME to get paid to have *someone else * move it. Figured I might get 30 bucks or so. The bidding got up to $57.00. Bonus! Then the top bidder (zero feedback) emailed me telling me he had no intention of paying. (He didn’t see the HUGE font announcement of pickup only)

So I retracted his bid. Not realizing he was in a bidding war with the second highest bidder. Ebay retracted ALL his bids and the price dropped to 31 dollars. Shoulda just used the second chance offer feature. sigh

That is all.

It may not be as bad as you think. Of the many dozens of second chance offers I’ve offered to the second- and third-highest bidders, only two or three have actually taken me up on them, and all of those were on high-demand items I was selling at the time. I think it has to do with the heat-of-the-moment bidding that people engaged in bid wars who, after the bidding is over and they’ve had time to cool off, decide that they didn’t really want to pay that much after all – they just didn’t want the other guy to get it.

Odds are, if you had let them duke it out, neither of them would have ended up taking it.

Looks to me like you’re up a buck!

Thats the way I see it too. You made out like a bandit! $30+ bucks for a used couch the buyer saw beforehand?


Yeah. I got what I expected, but I was already excited about getting at least 57. You’re probably right about the second chance offer though. I started thinking about it after posting the OP and realized that the second highest bidder is no longer under any obligation, and might change his mind about the wanting to pay so much.

Got what I wanted - Just disappointed.

I see no reason to bring his sexual practices into it!



“Don’t count your money until it’s in the bank”

I believe Confucius said that.