Should athletes be compelled to talk to the media?

And her contract allows her to skip those and pay a fine instead. Still not seeing the problem.

First, the importance of her matches is so far beyond anything she does between them, this statement is useless. “The most important part of this hamburger, other than the food part, is the wrapper it comes in.”

But if you want to focus on only her between-match non-tennis activities, then it would be more accurate to say that the most important part of her job is to engage with fans. And she does - she’s one of the most followed tennis players on social media. I challenge anyone in this thread to tell me what she said at the last presser she attended, but her recent social media posts have been huge news.

Something many people are missing is that we pretty much all agree that athletes do need to participate in some marketing activities. I disagree that those activities must include press conferences.

And doing interviews broadcast around the world fills that need.

You cut off the second part of my response. Yes, press conferences do that. So do many other activities. Explain why nothing else can substitute for a press conference, and I’ll pay attention. Otherwise, this is a pointless conversation.

She’s a woman. So “comply or die” applies.
If she was a real athlete, she’d be playing in the men’s draw. She’s really just a performer. If some journalist makes her cry, all the better for the ratings. Tough guys everywhere will watch it over and over.

It’s not complicated. She signed a contract. it wasn’t open ended to do whatever the heck she wanted to do. If she finds is depressing then it’s up to her to seek medical attention just as it is if she broke he ankle.

Exactly, it is pretty specific about press conferences, and she was willing to follow the specific press conference text found in the contract.

What wasn’t specific was the tournament’s claim that skipping press conferences was an egregious violation that puts her career in jeopardy. That was based entirely on open ended language, with the tournament using their discretion to decide it was that sort of violation.

It is the tournament’s discretionary actions that are inappropriate, not the contract specified remedies.

I’ve seen the argument “she should have to do it because she has to do it” for 400 posts now. It avoids the points of why pressers specifically are needed in the first place, and why the tournament took excessive steps beyond the stated recourse. I don’t expect we’ll be covering any new ground in this thread.

Firstly, what argument? The people organizing the tournaments think pressers are important, and many tennis stars (eg Djokovic) have shared that view.
Versus you expressing your feeling that they aren’t important – no argument as such. So I suggest for now we can default to assuming that the opinion of the people in a position to know if pressers are important counts for more.

Secondly that is something of a tangent anyway.
Let’s say pressers aren’t important. That doesn’t answer whether tournaments should be able to mandate that athletes take part in them.
I question the merits of needing to list my “business based objectives” every 6 months, but I can still say without question my employer has the prerogative to ask me to do it.

Someone I’ve never heard of has beaten someone else I’ve never heard of in the French Open final. But I hear the press conferences will be lovely.

So, I thought this was tangentially related, but Joel Embiid decided not to talk to the press last night after the 76ers blew a massive lead against the Hawks in the NBA Playoffs. Charles Barkley had an issue with that (though Shaq disagreed with him). Video is at the reddit link.

Chuck on Embiid: “I don’t like it when players don’t talk to the press. You run to the mic when you have a great game. They’re not paying you $35m to just play basketball. The reason they’re paying you that because TNT and ESPN pay a lot of money. You have a responsibility.” : nba (

You live by the mandatory press conference, you die by the mandatory press conference: Coca-Cola’s market value dropped by $4 billion after soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, well-known for not drinking carbonated beverages or alcohol, pushed aside two Coke bottles during a pre-game press conference ahead of Portugal’s match againstt Hungary and said, “Agua!”, holding up a bottle of water.

And in the same tournament, a practicing Muslim player, France’s Paul Pogba, pushed away a bottle of Heineken beer that had been set down next to his chair for a post-game press conference. That was damn inconsiderate of the tournament sponsors. They absolutely deserve any stock hit they take on that.

It was mostly related to the overall market dropping as opposed to Ronaldo’s stunt.

Did you actually look at the stock chart or are you just repeating something your heard?

Okay I looked. KO down 6% this week, S&P down 0.5%.

I don’t think Coke is considered a high beta stock.

And all of KO loss was in the few minutes after the interview aired. The stock market as a whole did not move at all during that window. Heck during that window the entire movement in the S&P is because KO is part of the S&P.

non-alcoholic beer

Well, it looks like the results are mixed.) if this kerfuffle ended up hurting the French Open. The Men’s ratings were up 19% from last years delayed open while the women were up 25%. On the other hand the men were up 6% from 2019 while the women were down 8% from 2019.