Should cars have break away license plates?

A sad hit and run story, but the hit artist was caught because his plate fell off…

Law enforcement was lucky this douche bags’ plate fell off. This led me to thinking, maybe some type of break away plate should be designed and required by auto manufacturers. I wouldn’t think it would be to difficult to design. Cause the plate to fall off, at say a 15 mph collision. Sensors in the bumper could trigger a solinoid to disengage the plate, so any hit on the bumper would cause it to fall off.

What do you think? No personal rights violated, and a good way to find hit and run artists should it happen (usually caused by the front of the vehicle right?). The only downside that I can see is cost, but for the good of finding hit and run idiots.

Why would it have to be the license plate that was ejected?

I have a better idea. Sensors and solenoids again, but this time I can use an RF signal to trigger a sharp rap to the genitals of anyone cutting me off. It should be mandatory equipment.

I’ll vote no, on the basis that I generally oppose unneccessary regulation. Hit and run drivers can be identified by other means. As I see it, this proposition fails cost/benefit analysis.

I’m thinking break-away license plates would make it easier for license plate thieves. And also make it easier for them to fall off when you’re going down a bumpy road or something.

Nice try, though. :wink:

How about tear gas canisters in the dashboard? They will go off during a collision and temporarily blind the driver therefore preventing the run part of hit and runs. The fact that it will hurt everyone is just a little extra incentive for all drivers to be careful out there. Get sprayed by those puppies a couple of times and it is 55 all the way from then on.

Even better, in the event of a crash we can have a giant boxing glove explode out of the steering wheel and smack the driver across the face.

You all have great ideas, keep 'em coming!


If the car turns more than 30 degrees without the turn signal being activated, the steering wheel becomes electrified until they turn it on.

Or how about… cameras record the driver all the time, and in case of an accident that’s your fault, it gets played during prime time. 1/2 an hour, can’t play them all, but surely cellphone / lipstick / etc. use during driving will be cut down for fear of looking stupid on the ‘Top 10 wackiest wrecks’ segment. :smiley: