Should everyone donate money made from Qaddafi?

So beyonce is going to donate money that she made performing for Qaddafi’s son.

Should Lambourghini donate money they made from selling cars to them?

You get the point.

Absolutely not. Money doesn’t carry “evil taint” from person to person. It doesn’t infect you with scumbagism. They performed a legitimate job for someone and were justly compensated. I have no idea what wrong these celebrities think they’re righting by giving away money.

Besides, if the money actually were cursed, then why the hell would they dump it on some poor, unsuspecting charity?! It’s like they’re going “Oh my God, this money is from a bad person! If I have it, then I’m a bad person, too! Here, orphans, you take the bad money. Problem solved.”

I don’t see how Beyonce and the rest didn’t earn that money honestly. And if the U.S. government will deal with a ruler like Gaddafi, why should artists be held to a higher moral standard?

Would you have accepted to work for him or to do business with him? I certainly wouldn’t have.

IMO, it takes a good level of willfull ignorance or of lack of morals to do so. Honesty? Don’t know what your perception of this word is. It was certainly legal but morally despicable to perform for this scumbag.

If Beyonce wants to donate the money, I certainly won’t argue with her, but I don’t think she had any sort of moral or ethical obligation to do so. Nor do I bear any animus against her for performing for him in the first place. If some tinpot dictator wanted to engage my professional services for a fair price, and such services were not of a nature that they could cause any harm, I wouldn’t have any moral qualms about doing so. Why should I?

If anything, money in the dictator’s hands is a bad thing (since he’ll likely use it for evil ends), and so taking money from him is doing the world a service. What’s morally questionable is not accepting money from a dictator, but paying it to him. Which should be food for thought the next time you’re at the gas station filling up your car.

Yes, she should know better. Qaddafi is hardly Mr. Rogers in disguise.

If the head of the company flew down to Libya to drum up business from Qaddafi, yes. Otherwise it was a product purchase made at a store.

What did Qaddafi do that they want to give up their money? I would be more impressed if they didn’t take money for him, if it’s based on moral reasons.