Should FIFA take the World Cup away from Qatar (2022)?

The answer is yes they should, slave labor and horrible conditions, but they won’t we know that. Today a FIFA Executive, Theo Zwanzinger , said “This feudal system existed [in Qatar] before the World Cup,” he said. “What do you expect of a football organisation? FIFA is not the lawmaker in Qatar.” Laughable, Qatar should have never gotten the games in the first place, but corruption. And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that it is a hundred plus degrees in Qatar in the summer when the Cup is (usually) held.

Fifa and Sepp Blatter are nothing but a bunch of corrupt scumbags. They knew full well the consequences of what they were doing but they got their cash and thats all that matters. There is no point in even discussing rational actions like not holding a world cup in Qatar because FIFA don’t really care at this point. They took their bribes and as far as they are concerned somebody else can deal with the legacy when the time comes.

I dont think Qatar should ever have been awarded the World Cup in the first place. Aside from the authoritarian government and brutal summer temperatures is the fact that it is basically a city state with a population of less than 2 million (even if you count the slave laborers.) I would have though that alone would have disqualified it from hosting an event on the scale of the World Cup, notwistanding the pimped out stadiums built with oil money.

This, basically. Same reason Russia got it for 2018.


I honestly think that people are going to die because of the heat in Qatar. Blatter and his cronies should be held accountable for that.

[Malcolm Tucker] Hey boy! don’t ever fucking call me a corrupt scumbag again, I am so much worse than that"[/Malcolm Tucker]