Should I be concerned there are no reputable reviews for Aliens: Colonial Marines yet?

The game is released in a fortnight and while there’s a bit of preview stuff on the usual places (GameSpot, IGN etc) there’s nothing in the way of reputable reviews that I can find.

I’m rather keen on this game (being a big fan of the Alien films) but the lack of reviews concerns me, given it’s out soon.

Is holding reviews back a regular thing now? IIRC reviews of games are usually out some time before the game is released (ideally telling you how awesome the game is and building anticipation), so the fact I can’t find anything is not reassuring.

Then again, the complete lack of “Buzz” around Max Payne 3 also bothered me and I ended up really enjoying it, so it may not be a reliable measure…

I wouldn’t necessarily consider the lack of advance reviews for a video game a warning sign I the same way it is for a movie, if for no other reason than game reviewers are such unabashed tools of the game studios that the studio doesn’t really have to worry about bad reviews tanking a new release.

Also, since I here, I’m going to go ahead and throw tis over to the Game Room.

I wouldn’t worry about it, to be honest. DmC is released today and the first reviews didn’t appear until last week, so if there are still no reviews in two weeks time there may be cause for concern.