Should I be proud or annoyed? Help me decide.

Recently I bought a laptop, and so my desktop PC became expendable. My brother heard about this and asked if he could buy it. I said yes, and him being family could have it for half of what it’s worth.

I reckon that’s £200. (half of £400) I could be way out but e-bay seems to suggest it’s about that.
Now as I am coming closer to actually delivering it I am a bit annoyed with myself as I had not long ago spent over £400 on it. (new mobo, processor, memory, case)

There’s absolutely no question that I am going to stick to the original offer. I’m not the kind of person to go back on a deal. But I feel like I am throwing money away here.
At this point in the post I’ve realized that most of the replies to “Should I be proud of my generosity or annoyed at my wastefulness” would be ‘proud’. (not because it’s true (if) but because you are a notoriously complementary lot) So, I didn’t ask. Right? I am still posting though because I share my life with you lot.
The desktop - P4 3GHz, 1GB ram, 20GB HD, Geforce 4 Ti4600, and (I’m also extra annoyed that this bit is going as it’s the most recent purchase) a DVD re-writer.

Personally, I wouldn’t have sold the desktop at all.

Even if the laptop out-performs it in every way?

Admittedly the lappy is not as upgradeable as the desktop (more accurately ‘floor’ PC) but it’s still pretty upgradeable.

Well, a laptop is most useful when you need portability. At home, I’d rather have a desktop in any given situation.

And your desktop sounds like an damn fine machine. If I had to choose between annoyed or proud, I’d probably go with annoyed, unless your brother was in a situation where he was in dire need of a new computer and absolutely wouldn’t have been able to afford a decent one for himself.

I have gone through about 6 or 7 PCs. Every one of my old PCs I have given to a friend or relative, free. I usually buy a new PC about every 4 years, by that time my old one is ancient technology.

Yes My brother certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford a PC of that quality at it’s new or even second-hand worth.
In hindsight I’d have offered it for at least £350. So I am a little peeved with myself for as usual deciding things on the spot rather than considering them in time.
Anyway it’s spilt milk now. I’ve made the offer.
P.S. He’s got engaged recently so I should consider it an engagement present.