Should I be worried about an in-grown nail?

I don’t have one. My question is if there’s a chance that I will get one, and how to prevent it if there is a chance.

I was chopping up some bread to make croûtons the other night when they were getting away from me, so I hooked my left ring finger around to keep things under control, only I didn’t slow down how quickly I was chopping. chop goes the finger. Luckily it hit a fingernail, but about 1/4 of my fingernail is missing with a significant amount of skin underneath taken with it.

Is there a chance that it will grow into the skin rather than over it?


Probably not. Fingernails aren’t prone to “ingrowth” (I hope that’s a word.) It should just heal, with or without a scar, depending on how deep the injury is.

Last year, I slammed my right ring finger in a car door, pulled away and took the whole end of the finger off. It healed with the nail curled under on one side, but no ingrowth. I have a full thickness scar, but otherwise, it’s fine.

Here’s a picture a couple weeks after it happened. Open at your own risk, as it might be a bit graphic for some.