Should I be worried - booking flights online

Morning all,

I have booked my fair share of trips online but this time I’m slightly puzzled…

I’m trying to book a flight from London to Frankfurt - every single website (opodo, expedia, BA, etc) has the 19:40 flight for £99 except which offers the flight for £55. As far as I can tell both the 99 and 55 offer include all taxes and fees - so how come Openjet can offer the flight at almost half off?

I would check their definition of ‘Frankfurt’. iirc there’s a second (and possibly more, Frankfurt is a big travel hub) airport in the Frankfurt vicinity and they may be flying there rather than the airport you are expecting (Ryanair used to be a devil for this trick before they got called on it)

Frankfurt does indeed have two airports: Frankfurt am Main (the big one), which is FRA; and Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN).

I checked that part and it clearly states it’s a BA flight to Frankfurt international. Sorry I should have been clear about that - it’s a BA flight (916) from LHR to FRA

I have no idea how much flights from the UK cost nowadays, but to point out the probably really obvious: is everyone offering a return flight for 99 quid, except Openjet?

Well unless everyone elses search-engine is broken - I did clearly search for one-way