should I buy PS2

because I really want a DVD player and I loved my old PS1, and since the PS2 is a combinations DVD player-Game console I figured why not?

So I have done a lot of research on DVD players and I know which one I would buy if I don’t get the PS2. Considering the PS2 is made by Sony I guess the DVD player would be good too, but I can’t find anything about the DVD part of it.

So, PS2 owners, is it worth buying or should I purchase a separate DVD player?

You have to ask yourself if you want to play PS2 games. I’ve got only a few games but like 20 DVDs. If it wasn’t for Gran Turismo 3 and World Cup Rugby I’d just have a standard DVD player. Because PS1 games are still being released unless there are some PS2 games you can’t live with out you could probably wait, but I waited in line all night to get mine on the 1st day they were out.

The big draw back to the PS2 DVD player, I’ve been told, is you don’t get a remote control, only the usual hand controllers. Considering DVD is more interactive than video this can be a pain, particularly if you’re use to lounging back with a remote.

You can buy remotes and receptors separately though.

So the question you need to ask is just how much do I want PS2 games. If it’s not much, then a dedicated DVD player is a better purchase. But it sounds to me like you’re looking for excuse to buy a PS2 regardless… I know, I’ve had the same dilemma. :slight_smile: Not managed to come up with a convincing excuse yet.

If your primary purpose is to watch dvds, then just get a regular player. A dedicated player will probably be higher quality for the the same price. If you want a game console that just happens to play dvds, get a ps2 and as already mentioned, you will need to buy a remote for it.

Remotes sell for $20.

I want a DVD, and it looks like the N64 is about to become obsolete. Even the neighborhood Blockbuster got rid of half their 64 games to make room for the PS2 game selection as well as DVD movies for rent.

I think I am going to get a PS2 from e-bay, but having never purchased anything over the 'net before I wonder how safe it is. That being said, I think that my mind is made up. I am gonna get the PS2 but I dont know how I am going to get it.

I suppose E-bay is safe but there is now way to know if the game I am getting is going to be in good condition. Buyer beware and all that good stuff…

Go for the dedicated and wait for more games to be released. The PS2’s integrated dvd player is rather choosy and the output is fairly grainy. A dedicated DVD player will look better, give you less problems (and a remote) and cost less to boot.

Personally, I’m probably going to wind up getting one eventually, if only to play XenoSaga…but not for the current prices. Luckily, the impending console war should take care of that. :smiley:

Go for the dedicated and wait for more games to be released. The PS2’s integrated dvd player is rather choosy and the output is fairly grainy. A dedicated DVD player will look better, give you less problems (and a remote) and cost less to boot.

I agree the dedicated DVD player will give you less problems and cost less, but I’m not sure about the better
picture thing. My friend upgraded his DVD player software in his PS2 (you can get the upgraded DVD software on a memory car) and I just watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (the FF movie) on DVD last night and it wasn’t grainy at all that I could tell. Now admittedly, he doesn’t have a huge TV…

*Personally, I’m probably going to wind up getting one eventually, if only to play XenoSaga…but not for the current prices. Luckily, the impending console war should take care of that. *

I hope you’re right. I’ve been putting off buying a PS2 because they’re so ridiciulously expensive. Even the used ones on EBay are totally overpriced. I was just checking into this the other day.

Also, some weenies are selling “refurbished” (read: sent back to the factory under warranty because they screwed up, but were fixed) PS2s, WITHOUT A CONTROLLER, for like, $200 or something. Total scam.

I hope the X-Box forces Sony to lower prices. They’re charging way too much for the PS2 right now. My friend says maybe they won’t. Oi vey…

The PS2 is worth it (even more so in about 1-1/2 months due to the upcoming price war) for one very good reason:

Gran Tresimo 3

Very, very fun game - (espically on my neighbors 64" TV and surround sound system…)

Personally, i would reccomend getting a DVD player anyways. I have a pioneer DV-525, and it plays VCD’s, burnt cds, SVCDS, …everything but MP3s ( which is a more recent feature of DVD players ).
I have tried, and been completely unable to watch burnt VCD’s in a PS2. I have every Family Guy, every Futurama, and the last 3 or 4 seasons of Simpsons all burned to VCDs. None will play in a PS2, so its a good thing I have a standalone player that can handle it.

Of course, if you are just going to watch normal DVD’s in it, then perhaps a PS2 is your best bet. I’m assuming you aren’t as nerdy as I am.

Grainy?? I have a nice Toshiba dual tray DVD and the Playstation 2. With both my 32" Toshiba TV and the 27" Sony WEGA the video output is more or less identical with quality DVDs. Do you have a cite for this “grainy” claim. All the reviews I have seen to date for the PS2 DVD output quality rate it as quite good. The main hits are the clumsy interface (sans remote) and lack of some of the more estoeric higher end features.

I love my PS2. I’ve had no problems with pictures being “grainy” while watching a DVD and while game selection is still a bit meager, that’ll be picking up. Gran Turismo 3 is amazing. For RPGers there’ll be a Final Fantasy coming soon. If you’re a Resident Evil fan and owned a PS1, you can now finally play RE:Code Veronica. The sports games (especially Madden Football) are good. I also like Escape From Monkey Island, a fun little bit of gaming that’s just too silly for me not to like. A Crash Bandicoot game is also in development for the PS2 for the platform gaming fan.

And you can still play all your favorite PS1 games on it, as the old games and the old memory cards work with the PS2. The PS1 Gameshark does not work with the PS2 however, so if you’re into that, you’ll have to wait till the PS2 Gameshark is released and even then I doubt it’ll work with PS1 games.

I don’t know about buying one off the internet though. Mine was a gift, so I didn’t have to hunt for it or anything.

The PS2 isn’t going to drop in price until at least spring. But it’s far from overpriced–Sony is actually selling them at a loss. That’s how all consoles work. The unit is sold at a loss while the games are sold at a ridiculous markup.

BTW, I think there’s a ton of totally awesome PS2 games either out or on the horizon just in the recent months–Spy Hunter, Ace Combat 4, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, Final Fantasy 10…on top of Gran Turismo 3, Madden 2002, NCAA Football 2002, Devil May Cry, etc.

Umm… [sub]not everyone likes GT3[/sub].


There is a ps2 newsgroup or two with thousands of messages & a lot about the dvd function that you can read. ALso, this board has a lot of ps2 messages.

Get the Sony remote for it, $20, brings it up to par with regular dvd players.

You can play your psx1 games on it & turn on smoothing & faster disk loading.

GTA is what everyone is talking about now, not GT3 :slight_smile:

Admittedly, my friend who has a PS2 is using it on a HDTV, so maybe I’m biased here. You can definitely tell the difference between the PS2 and a real dvd player. There is noticable difference between the ps2 and his Hollywood decoder card. Absolutely no question in my mind.

On anything lower resolution, it probably won’t make much of a difference. I assume on a lower end television, everything will look equally blurry.

I’ve also noted that it’s rather choosy in what it plays, for what it’s worth.

Bottom line–don’t get the ps2 for the DVD. Get it for the games only and treat the DVD capabilities as a bonus.

(Incidentally, Spy Hunter is really cool–easily the best graphics I’ve seen in racing game, ever).

The new gameshark (Gameshark2) is out and works with PS1 games also. Just in case you’re into that. Make sure you buy version 1.6 of the Gameshark2 because the initial release did not work with all PS2 consoles (like mine).

“The new gameshark (Gameshark2) is out and works with PS1 games also.”

Says who? You have to use the second GS2 disk, which comes with gs2, which is for the psx1.

You need a psx1 memory card to save psx games on a ps2.

It is worth $300 for a PS2 easily. I have not seen any grainy stuff on a DVD. I just use the regular controller for DVD’s and that’s OK for me. Someone who saw an Xbox said it is not as good as the PS2.

NHL and FIFA Soccer are also very good games and of course SSX is great. They are supposed to have a new SSX out very soon. Tony Hawk 3 is supposed to be very good. A lot more PS2 games are out now for the Christmas season. There are over 200 games released in pretty much all categories. They are supposed to have a hard drive out eventually, maybe early next year - as well as a modem.

[li] The PS2 is a real DVD player.[/li]
[li] My “friend” that has a 36" WEGA (admittedly not a true HDTV but still a better res and picture than most of us poor saps) can’t tell a picture differnence between a PS2 and his standalone Toshiba (I think it was) $500 DVD player. And he is a picky SOB too and was looking to tear the image to shreds. He couldn’t, I couldn’t.[/li]
[li] I, personally, have never had a problem with it playingany DVD I’ve put into it. This ranges from rentals that have been rented/abused hundreds of times to new movies I’ve bought.[/li]
The only knock I could possibly give it is that IMHO its stock controlling system sucks. You can now buy a SONY controller for it that solves that problem nicely (and is far better than the aftermarket units)

For the price, its tough to beat. A really good (I’m not going to say the best) DVD player and kick ass video game system. Perhaps your friends unit is faulty as I’ve never noticed any of the problems you’ve stated.

Doesnt Tony Hauk have online play? They are talking about that on another board.

HDTV & dvd aren’t related bernse in that dvd doesn’t look any better on hdtv because dvd isn’t hdtv.