Should I buy this car?

Here is the link to the Craigslist page:

I went to look at it today but I don’t really know anything about cars. I don’t have anyone who knows about cars who I can take with me for opinions. I liked it, it drove nice and seemed ok except for some damage on the back which I have pictured here:

Anybody more knowledgeable than I have any opinions?

The dual-clutch automatic transmissions in that generation of Ford Fiesta and Focus have some nororious issues and has been the subject of a class action lawsuit. The transmission’s issues are outlined here:

Well that’s very good to know - thank you!

Wildabeast got it in one. I like the manual Focuses (and nearly bought a new ST a year ago) but I wouldn’t touch one of the autos.

What about this?

I quite like Yaris’.

My wife had a Yaris for a few years. She liked it. It’s bigger than it looks on the inside.

In that same category I’d look at the Honda Fit.

You know, I saw a Honda Fit yesterday and really liked the look of it. I’m going to check out this Nissan today but I think it’s way over-priced so I’m not going to even try haggling. I just want to see if a Versa is something I might want.

I’d go for the Yaris or Fit over a modern Nissan. And yeah the Fiesta/Focus can be a good car, but Ford really fumbled those automatic transmissions.

I bought the Nissan! I made an offer of $5500 and they accepted. It’s a perfect little car and I’m very pleased with it.

just my .02 cents here, but you should always take the vehicle you want to buy to a trusted mechanic to have a pre purchase inspection done.

the minimal cost can save you from making a bad decision. this happens often.

even if the car is basically ok, often times something is found that gives you leverage towards negotiating a better price. this also happens often.

basically, there’s zero downsides to getting someone involved that knows a lot more than you do about what you want to buy

Well, there’s the cost of the PPI.

But this is, on average, much less than the cost of fixing problems you could have avoided.

Good advice.

I have a trusted service locally that does this and I use them anytime I am seriously considering a used vehicle. They have saved me heartache and money more than once finding problems that weren’t immediately obvious.

The dealer I bought it from is the same one my parents bought a car from about 4 years ago. They were always happy with the service and warranty. I have also taken my vehicle there in the past for repairs. I did end up enlisting the help of a coworker who I trust and he recommended this car.

I feel pretty comfortable with my decision. Nothing is guaranteed though!

I LOVE small, nimble, cheap cars!

I’ve done a lot of research, and I spend a lot of time on car sites. My favorite is Jalopnik, where they have sections like What Car Should I Buy? and Nice Price or Crack Pipe? They love tiny cars… (esp. Jason, who loves Figaros and bought a Pao from Japan!)

Speaking of which, here’s the Pao that I’d buy if I had $10k.

I’ve had a Fiesta and a Yaris (both a bit sluggish with automatics, but a lot of fun with a manual!)
Both had a lot of road noise, and were less comfortable on days-long road trips. But I could park them anywhere, and did I mention FUN? (Now, if you could find a Fiesta ST… those are beasts, but the owners know that and they’re expensive)… oh, I’ve bought my last few cars off Craigslist, taking each one to my mechanic first. He vetoed a couple, but the ones that passed were great cars!

Right now I’ve got a 2001 Honda Insight, the first hybrid. NOT fun… they sacrificed everything for gas mileage, including pickup. I miss my Yaris!

I’m going to keep an eye on this thread. Ask anything you want, FG - we’re here for ya!

Oops, I was so excited about a thread on my favorite subject that I missed this post of yours:

Congrats! None of the small cars I’ve driven have had much in the way of storage. You’ll love the Nissan.