Should I call the FBI? Seriously.


“This person is doing something we don’t understand. I think we should fear it.”

Mr. Athena witnessed a similiar incident about a month ago, and, after thinking about it for a few days, he called the police. The police told him he did the absolutely right thing, and thanked him for calling.

Basically, Mr. Athena was at his gym, and saw a man come in carrying a bucket filled with rags. He approached the receptionist, and proceeded to have a discussion with her. The receptionist appeared flustered, and finally led the man to a back door that opened into a shared hallway between the gym and the brewpub next door.

Mr. Athena spoke to the receptionist, who told him the guys said he was there to clean the swamp cooler, but she knew nothing about it. She also said that she had a hard time understanding him because he didn’t speak English well. Mr. Athena asked if he spoke Spanish, since hispanics are the most common minority in our area. She said no, she thought he was “Middle-Eastern or something”!

Mr. Athena called the police, they checked up on it, and it was all OK - the man was Lithuanian, and the owner of the gym had forgotten to tell the receptionist he was coming. The police also told him that this was exactly the kinds of stuff that everyone needed to be vigilant about - if the receptionist was not expecting the swamp cooler to be cleaned, she should not have allowed this man access to the non-public parts of the building.