Should I change my user name?

I have no special attachment to it, and I only registered it due to a lack of imagination. I’ve never had sex with any dead folk (or any live folk for that matter), and I’ve never reanimated the dead to do my bidding. I’m just not sure I like my name. I want a name that sparks conversation in chat rooms. Conversations that may expose my posts for the substanceless crap that they are, but more importantly show appreciation for the handle that appears above them.

So, should I change my name? Does anyone have suggestions? Mocking is, of course, expected.

Gee, I always thought is was a play on the word ‘necromancer’. You know, magic and spirits and things like that. Necrophilism never crossed my mind, well a little maybe.
I’d shorten it to Necromancer and avoid the confusion. Besides necromancer sounds cool and it removes any direct references to copulating with corpses.
I went through the name change thing too a while back (used to be whuckfistle).

It is. :slight_smile:

Mocking? Nah. Necking maybe…

Keep the name. It’s KAyoot!

I think you should change it to Toast Museum.

No particular reason.

I didn’t know you could change your username. I’d like to change mine, so that people would stop asking me if I’m Egyptian or a muslim. I’m not. The horrible truth is that I’m named after a John Crowley book and that I’ve always loved pyramids. In a non-sexual, completely Platonic fashion, of course.

Oh, and keep the username.

Otherwise, some Goth with the dress sense of a clinically depressed film noir clown will come along and snatch it up within five minutes.

Naw, usernames aren’t recycled.

I will offer up Madcap Platypus for the list of suggestions.

How DO you get your username changed anyway? I thought we weren’t allowed to change them casually.

Nah for Necromancer . . . Too goth-tastic. Unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case you should just call yourself . . . well, Goth-tastic. :wink:

The process for changing your user name isn’t causal; you have to contact the mods and stuff, and then sacrifice an unblemished bull for the Great Cecil.

You also need to send chocolate to Lynn.

Specifically, you need to email an Administrator. They’ve stated in the past, and it’s spelled out iin the FAQ, that you don’t need a reason to change your name once. They have no problem with that. However, to change it again requires a very good reason. It’s probably a good idea to think long and hard about any considered name change before actually making the request. In any case, good luck to you name-changers!

Considering that, (a) your moniker suggests that you romance the dead (and you don’t,) and that (b) your moniker is a joke on an evil sorcerer (which you’re not,) and that you have no attachment to it, I’d vote “ditch it.”

Nobody has ever taken my advice on name changes so far, so I’ll let you know that I spent 2.1 seconds to think of suggesting Take a wizard.

I changed my name, too, from a really boring initials+surname one. It’s from ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’.

Not to say you should change yours. I like the pun. But, then, I liked ‘whuckfistle’ too.

Actually, forget Toast Museaum, change it to Brave Sir Robin instead.

Expose My Appreciation For Sparking Crap!


Maybe we need to know a little more about yourself.

Did anyone actually ever use Chicken of Bristol, or was that just someone’s brilliant suggestion?

Bristol as in the city in the south-west of England? If not, I don’t get it :o

As I recall, it came in in second place in the Great Rename the Moderator Poll Thread (behind Czarcasm) – and, of course, we are not playing horseshoes.

It certainly seems that you should change something. :wink: