Should I change my username?

Just noticed someone is already using gunslinger. He has obviously been here much longer than me. I’m open for any clever suggestions.


Well, I felt bad for you when I saw that nobody had replied yet. :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your name since I think most people would shorten it to Roland anyway.

oops, I see elfkin replied a few seconds before I did apparently so just ignore the first part. :slight_smile:
Suggestions are hard to come up with since I dont know what you are interested in or anything. If you want to change maybe you should come up with some names you like and we can vote on which one’s best.

If you want to change it and still keep the Gunslinger theme, you could go with Roland Deschain, or possibly just plain Roland.

I’d like to keep the gunslinger theme.:smiley:


If it was a Zevon reference, you might go for Roland, Headless Gunner or something along that line. Remember, though, really long user names will play hob with the page format unless you slip a space in somewhere. Let us know what you decide.



Well, how bout Roland of the Guilad? (don’t remember if that’s the spelling of his home)
But you said you wanted to keep the Gunslinger theme…hmm…

sorry :smiley: me not know

That is an amazing series! I’ve really enjoyed it and await the next with baited breath (minty fresh baited breath, mind you). He doesn’t even think he’ll finish it, which just hurts. Ah well… his accident didn’t help much either. That was horrible.

I think you should keep your name exactly as is, btw.

How DO you change your username? I wasn’t really thinking when I chose mine, and I think it’s lame.

I’m with AskNott. Your handle always reminded me of the Zevon song “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.”

Well, step one is to sacrifice a live albino ferret …

PS: 5U1C1D3, it’s “Gilead.”

I think the current user name is fine, but if you do decide to change it, I’ll sencond Roland of Gilead.

Or, alternately, Roland, Connoiseur of Lobstrosities.

But that might be a little lengthy.

I vote for the Headless

Decisions decisions (did I spell that right?)