Should I drink this wine? Help!

I’m helping my mum clear her house, and I came across a bottle of homemade wine in a dark and dusty corner of a cupboard. The wine was made by my dad, probably in around 1987. He used to make his own wine, and usually it was quite good. I thought it would be a shame to just throw it away, so I opened it. It smells good. Very strong, similar to port. I’ve poured a glass, and now the glass of wine is sitting next to my keyboard. I need to know if you think it would be safe to drink. Whats the worst that could happen? Help!

The worst would be that it turned to vinegar; you’d know that pretty quickly. But if it’s as strong as you say, and it’s been kept sealed, it’s unlikely there’d be any problem with it.

Drink it! There is nothing in it that will kill you, and it is unlikely that it would make you sick. If it tastes good, drink it and remember your father.

It should be fine. If it turned you’d know.

Go for it and toast the old man.

Thanks for the replies. You’ve given me the confidence I needed to taste it. It taste a little vinegary, but not too bad. Its quite drinkable actually. It has some kick to it, but I feel fine so far. I’ll probably be on the floor after two glasses. :slight_smile: