Should I get a flu shot?

They’re giving them free on Nov. 6. Have any of you had a bad reaction to a flu shot?

I’ve felt fluish after getting one, and have had a number of friends have the same experience. However, usually health officials swear up and down that it’s coincidence. I guess I should be convinced. In no case was the “reaction” (if that’s what it was) worse than the actual flu.

I’d get it, for sure. I’ll probably get one and gladly pay for it. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that they’re predicting a bad year for flu, this year.

You can’t get the flu from the current flu shot. It uses dead viruses. (I am not saying that you didn’t feel bad Cranky, just that shot can’t give you the flu.)

I have never had a reaction to the shot in any way. I don’t know anyone who has ever had a reaction other then a sore arm.

I say get the flu shot. It is wonderful not worrying about having to get the flu. And, if you do end up getting sick over the winter you can spend a day or two in bed not feeling guilty that you wouldn’t be missing work if only you had gotten the flu shot.

There is a new version of the flu vaccine – it’s an inhaled vapor, rather than a shot. But I don’t know how expensive it is or what its availability is. Anyone know where you can get it?

Why, thank you for asking! Someone here at Michigan invented the technology. I believe your doctor can order it for you. It’s $46 a dose wholesale, considerably more than a flu vaccine, but it’s a great alternative for anyone whose fear of needles would prevent them from getting the protection.

The mist can, apparently, give you mild flu symptoms.

Why, you’re quite welcome! Go Blue! :smiley:

You should almost definitely get a flu shot if you are:

  • over 65
  • have asthma or chronic heart, lung or kidney problems
  • would be severely inconvenienced by getting the flu

I work in the medical field, so I get one yearly.

Fairly common reactions I see include:

  • local irritation due to the needle
  • mild fever
  • occasional “flu-like” symptoms probably not related to the shot

For free, it’s worth twice the price!

Just to re-iterate, you can’t get the flu from the flu vaccine. The vaccine is grown from a dead virus, usually in eggs. If you’re allergic to eggs, don’t get the vaccine.

If you feel sick or “flu-ish” after the vaccine, you were probably exposed to a bug prior to your vaccination. And remember, the Flu and stomach flu are entirely different sicknesses.

Also, the vaccine doesn’t necessarily prevent the flu. There are several strains of the virus. The vaccine is made up of the strains thought to be most prevalent in the current “flu season.”

Get the vaccine. It’s better than having a case of the full-blown flu.

According to my doctor, you should add “If you’re diabetic” to that list. Same for the pneumococcus.

dammit. they charge $20 here. i want one but don’t know if i want to spend $20. Where are all these free influenza shots?

Just an an FYI, FluMist uses live virus.

I’m definitely getting one this year. Last year was the first time in about 12 years that I didn’t get a flu shot. Guess what? I got the flu last year.

They’re being offered through work at $17-20 per, depending on how many sign up. I could probably get one for free from my HMO, but that would involve going to them and taking up about 2 hours to get there and back, rather than just going to the cafeteria or some conference room.

Never ever get 'em, rarely get the flu.

Until another vicious strain comes around, a la the 1918 Pandemic, I’ll be skipping it.

I got the flu last year, for the first time in ages. It was a nice vacation from work.

If you considered your illness a ‘nice vacation’ I have to question whether you truly had influenza or not.

When I felt flu symptoms coming on during my Surgical rotation in med school, and got sent home, I thought “Great! I can catch up on rest instead of working 40 hours out of every 48 like I’ve been doing”. Within 12 hours I had fevers to 103, shaking chills, total body pain and a cough so bad my ears bled. It made me think longingly of being well enough to work like a slave again. It took a week to get back to med school, and another week before I could work more than 8 hours in a day.

I second Dr. Pap’s flu shot recommendations wholeheartedly.

I have an autoimmune system virus (CF) and have had since '96. One of the first things the dr. told me after being diagnosed was that I’d have to get a flu shot from now on. When Rico and I got married 2 years ago, the dr. I was seeing then told me to make sure he understood he’d have to get the flu shot from now on.

He hates getting it, but he’d much rather do it then see me get the flu since I get sick so easily and take so long to get over it and am so sick while I’m sick. I wish more people would get flu shots so I wouldn’t run the risk of getting sick… and I’m far from being the only person with an weakened immune system.

The only side effects I’ve ever gotten was a sore arm.

I plead with you to consider the people around you and get the shot if there’s no reason from you to not get it (such as allergies to eggs, etc.)

Thank you.

I’m asthmatic, and have never gotten a flu shot, but can’t remember the last time I had the flu. (BTW I’ve also read that FluMist is contraindicated for asthmatics. Is that because of the live virus, or something else?) But given that I’m currently trying to kick Round 3 this year of bronchitis, maybe this is the year to give it a try. The lungs seem to be getting crummier every year.

You’re right. I should have added diabetes to that list, “or other chronic disease”. We’re not talking about pneumococcus here, but the same applies.