Should I get an no trade in unlocked Galaxy Samsung S21 5G 256gb for $807.49?

should I get an no trade in unlocked Galaxy Samsung S21 5G 256gb for $807.49?

I’m not selling anything. I have decided I need to get a gat danged smart phone and this is available NOW. If I could get some confirmation that I’m doing the right thing then I’ll buy it.

What say U?

I’d go all in and get the Galaxy Fold3 for $1949.99.

It’s taking longer than we thought.

I’m leaning towards the Galaxy Flip 3. I would have one, but the battery life isn’t that great. It’s about the same price.

I don’t wanna ‘go all in’ and reading about the flip 3 kinda scares me with it’s screen issues and especially the battery complaints.

If it’s the “Ultra”, sure. Otherwise, nope.

I will always say no to these questions. Search online for refurbished or re-built and you can get a much better deal. You may get a bit older phone but hell, the 3 year old models are almost laptops now.

they had unlocked Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g’s with 256mb for $799 before I got to their website. All gone.

Chargers? That’s another story.

256 GB not mb. oops.

What syntactical hell is “an no trade in”? Just asking because it hurts when I read that thread title.

‘an’ should have been just the letter ‘a’. I suppose I could have replaced ‘no trade in’ with no-trade-in. I should have written 256GB instead of 256gb. I was in a hurry. Hardly matters anymore, as these deals are likely all gone by now. Sorry, I didn’t realize how easy it was to hurt you.

I’m pretty sure that it means that’s the price without having to trade in a phone to get it. At least, that’s how I read it.

The deal I wanted is gone. No more of these phones unlocked. No more than 128GB available. The price went up about $350 for a less optioned phone too.

Free market and all that.

I snoozed. I loozed.