Should I give original Will to beneficiary ?

We should be careful here, the OP may have adopted the daughter although she still refers to her as her step-daughter.

California law does allow step-children to inherit under limited circumstances.
Probate Code Section 6454

Fourthing (no really it’s a word I swear) the suggestion to have the locks changed. It really doesn’t cost much and if you’re handy you could even do it yourself.

This. A thousand times, this.

My mom died recently and had named my brother and I as beneficiaries/TODs on her bank accounts, CDs, and annuity. Those were all of her assets – no property, etc. – so there was no estate and therefore no need for probate. I was named as the executrix, but didn’t even bother getting the letters of administration. It has made life MUCH easier. But yes, so far I’ve needed 5 certified death certificates (not copies) and it looks like I may need a few more before all is said and done so I’m about to place another order with the funeral home that handled her cremation.

When my husband died, I got 20 certified death certificates, and I only have two left. Everybody wanted one and a copy wouldn’t do-- banks, insurance company, even transferring his car title to me.

She may not actually have a claim but that may not prevent her from trying, therefore costing lots of money and aggravation for the OP. Hopefully the OP will consult an attorney and let us know what he/she advises.

Sounds like your husband trusted his daughter (key for the house). You sure you want to deny her any inheritance? Was this discussed with your husband?

I am in the step-daughter’s position. My (much older) father has remarried, and his wife has no love lost for me. I could easily see him passing first and me having no legal claim to his personal effects. My father and I have stayed very close despite my relationship with his wife, but I could see him leaving everything to her in the interest of maintaining her lifestyle.

Especially considering you have no living heirs, purposely omitting your step daughter seems spiteful.

In my humble opinion, of course.