Should I go to the doctor for this? (conjunctivitis/cold)

Yeah, yeah, you aren’t my doctor and this isn’t medical advice, etc. But, what would you do in this situation?

I’ve had a head-cold/sore throat thing going for about 3 days now, and I woke up this morning to find I also have greenish-yellow goop coming from one of my eyes (the other eye is fine and I’m taking care not to touch it). The eye is pink and sore, but not swollen shut or anything. The goop is coming pretty fast, I have to wipe it away every 20 minutes or so.

I looked up conjunctivitis and wiki says it can be related to the common cold in it’s viral form, which basically they can’t do anything for. It also said it usually goes away within 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS! AGH!

Anyway, I make it a point not to go to the doctor when I just have a cold unless it lasts more than a week and is truly wretched, which this cold, while a PITA, is not nearly the worst I’ve ever felt.

What do you think? Is it worth dragging my ass to the doctor for what’s almost certainly a viral infection or should I just wallow in my semi-misery at home and wait it out. My husband’s military, so the doc is free, if that influences your thoughts, but really, I try to avoid the place. Thanks.

I’d go to the doctor. Complications from conjunctivitis can be serious.

If you have viral conjunctivitis and they can’t do anything for you, so be it, but you may have an opportunistic bacterial infection that can and should be treated.

A vote for: “Yes, drag your ass to a doctor.”

The latest symptom sounds fairly uncomfortable. Maybe the MD can make some suggestions. Even if it’s a viral infection, symptoms can be treated.

Go to the doctor. He or she will give you drops that will clear it up almost immediately.

My husband had something similar a few weeks ago - the goop wasn’t discolored but his eye was running a lot, plus it was painful, extremely bloodshot, and the lid was swollen. The doctors said he had a bacterial infection which was probably exacerbated by wearing contact lenses (it wasn’t the contact solution, his handling/cleaning, or the contact itself; there apparently are just a lot of these infections in this area lately), and it damaged his cornea somewhat. He was on two topical antibiotics and a drop for pain to start with, and a few days later was switched to a couple anti-inflammatory drugs. He has (hopefully) his last followup visit in a few weeks, and his eye is healing just fine.

Ferret Herder, I was just in Chicago a few days ago! Perhaps it’s your (collective your) fault! Anyway, it’s annoying the hell out of me so I guess I’ll go tomorrow assuming it hasn’t completely cleared up overnight. Thanks for talking me into it, everyone.

Call now and make the damn appt.

It’s 11pm here right now; I’ll call in the morning when they open.

Oops. My bad – didn’t think to check your location.

Sweet dreams.

Word. My mom had it so bad she was almost blinded from it. Go to the doctor.

Also, it’s highly contagious. Keep your face washing stuff separate from everyone else in the household. Try to keep your fingers away from your eyes, and use a Chlorox wipe on the doorknobs til you’re better.