Should i go to work this weekend?

Starting a new much better job Monday. It’s totally official, passed background check and everything. Supposed to work this weekend at ny current job. Proper notice was given and they hate to see me leave. I am a model employee according to them.

I got other stuff to do this weekend and I don’t wanna go to work. The supervisor wont care if I’m there and my manager won’t know the difference.

If you were in my shoes would you even show up? They have a very slack rehire policy, the just hired back a guy who picked a fight and got stabbed in the parking lot and they hired back a guy who was fired for punching a computer screen. Hard up for help?

All I’m missing out on is some money, which I can do without.

If you made a commitment to work this weekend, you should.

Ask the manager. If he wants you there, go. If he says you can take the weekend off, then do it.

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If they’re that hard up for help, they probably really need you. Go, and play next weekend.

Do you think you’ll want your old job back at some point?

I would also just ask the manager. Not knowing anything about where you work, I would assume they can give an honest answer as to whether or not they need you around. If they don’t need you I’m sure they’re happy to not pay you.

If that’s what you meant by “The supervisor wont care” then sure, I see no problem with taking it off.

With all those pre-qualifier5s you added about how you could get the job back no matter what, I’d say it’s pretty obvious you’re deciding you don’t want to go to work. If what you say is true and you don’t need the money why WOULD you go to work?

I’ve no strong opinion about whether or not you should work. Do what’s best for you. What you shouldn’t do is just not show up. If you’re not going to be there on Saturday then they need to know that before you leave Friday. Just leaving them in the lurch, no matter how little you think they need you there is a lousy thing to do.

If they hired back someone who was fired in the past, then they’re not likely to be picky about someone who gave notice and merely skimped on working out a couple days at the end. So if I were you, I wouldn’t work this weekend. It will make a better impression on your new employer if you come into work feeling rested, and having had time to mentally switch gears. Not having at least 1 day off means you’re still going to be in old-workplace mode.

I wouldn’t go back to work. Mental health time is important and we don’t give ourselves enough time to rest and recuperate.

I have to ask. I can’t stand it.

What kind of place is this where they require background checks, have computer monitors that get punched and where people start fights in the parking lot and get stabbed?

And this is a “much better job”?

I would still show up if it were me. Unless I was fearful of my life, I guess. The manager may not be there to see firsthand, but he/she will know you weren’t there if he/she isn’t incompetent. Especially since you are a new hire.

I think you’re misreading the OP. He/she says they are scheduled to work at the old job (where the stabbing and computer punching happened) and want to blow it off before starting the new and much better job on Monday.

Thanks Kimballkid, quite right. Silly me. facepalm

Why did you agree to start your new job with zero days off after quitting the old one? Most people schedule at least a few days off between jobs, for just this reason.

I had this happen to me when I quit a job once. I quit on a Monday. I knew I was on the schedule for the weekend, but when I put in my notice, I told them my last day would be the Friday after next because I just could not stand to work one more weekend. They were OK with it.

My current job is swing shift, as is my new one. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday here and get Thursday and Friday off, then I’m scheduled to work the weekend. My new job starts Monday, but I will be in orientation and training for a few days before actually starting work. I am not worried about going to my new job without any r and r because I work around home on my days off. The extra two hours of sleep I will get Monday morning is enough for me.

Not planning on playing this weekend, I have work to do around home.

I would not like to come back to work at this place, but I’d like to have an ace in the hole if I need it. But who’s to say I won’t have it anyway? I do very well around here and gave them two weeks. Suppose they really expect me to work the whole bit?

Case in point, when I showed up Tuesday, my shift supervisor looked at me and said, “WTF are you doing here?” I told him I was working and he stated that he thought I was done already. Then my manager came in and asked me when my last day was, then I proceeded to not do too much those two days.

I’m planning on not doing much there if I do show up, they know I’m biding my time. My job is more or less a utility operator type job. I run one process, but I primarily fill in for other people. If I’m not there, the plant still runs, just that the shift supervisor has (a little bit) more work to do. I’m willing to bet I won’t have to do much other than sit in the break room and watch tv this weekend.

The thing is is that most people there just walk off the job with no notice at all. Me giving them any sort of notice is a rarity at that place.

I don’t know, I’ll probably end up being there because I’m a pussy, but boy do I ever not want to.

Call in sick.

Piss on it. I’m calling in sick. Life is too short.

It sounds very much like they don’t expect you to be there anyway. :slight_smile: