Should I insist on compensation?

So I’ve been helping out a friend with a company giving her a run around. Her Mac stopped working and after some googling it seemed like it was a known issue with a faulty graphics card. If that was the case it was covered under warranty. So she brings it to the only authorized Apple repair shop in her province on November 1st. Two weeks later she calls to check and was told it would be ready to go home the next day. She calls the next day only to be told it hasn’t even been diagnosed, let alone repaired. So for the next two weeks, whenever she calls in for an update she’s always told it’s on the tech’s bench waiting next in line. She’s really non confrontational and I was getting mad on her behalf so I volunteered to call them. When I called I was told the same thing, on the bench next in line. I was like ok that’s not ok, let me talk to a manager. So i get the manager on the line and it’s clear this had to be her first managerial position. She tried to give me the same line and I stopped her and gave her the timeline of events and what my friend had been told. I told her that she couldn’t possibly feel that a month was a reasonable time to wait to even get the computer diagnosed. She said they only had one technician and he was really backlogged and she wad working on improving communication with the front and back reps. I pretty much told her that wasn’t my friend’s problem. That if they were so overloaded on work that it took a month just to get diagnosed they needed to stop taking in new computers or at least properly advise the customer that it was going to be over a month. I she insisted that this time her computer really was being diagnosed right at that moment but the tech had gone gone for the day. I told her I’d give her till Monday (it was Friday) and then we’d talk about possible compensation for this whole debacle. She also promised to call my friend directly once the diagnosis was done Sunday with the official word on what was wrong.

Cut to today, Monday. No call. But my friend did get an email (with misspellings) saying that it was indeed the graphics card and it was covered under warranty. But that they had to wait for the parts to be shipped from the states (she’s in Canada). No idea on time or anything. So I’m planning to call the manager back today or tomorrow and I really think my friend deserves something for this ridiculous ordeal but if it’s covered under warranty she’s not getting charged anything. Any ideas on what I should ask for? I mean she needs it for work and who knows how much longer it’s going to be. It just annoys me that she’s being put through this.

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Unless the warranty says they will provide a replacement, I suspect you can ask, but don’t expect to receive. Maybe a store coupon or something similar. Cash? I would be surprised.

Yes, it sux.


I take it that this repair shop is not an Apple Store…but it may be worth your time to write a letter of complaint to Apple, informing them of the poor service being performed by their “authorized repair” shop. It may net you nothing, but it’s worth a shot.