Should I join AARP?

I got a membership offer letter from them in the mail today. I’m quite amused, seeing as I’m only 32.

Is there some mistake here, or is this just one of those things to beef up their membership numbers? I’m guessing I can join but won’t be able to employ the benefits until I’m actually 50.

I got my first letter from them when I was 40. I did join when I turned 50, but I let my membership lapse. Their insurance was more expensive than what I already had, I got the same discounts with my AAA card, and the magazine pretty much went straight to recycling.

I was just looking at an insert 5 minutes ago. It came in a copy of Sportsman’s Guide.

Anyway, you have to be 50, so you can’t join. 50 is hardly retirement age though, you don’t really have to be retired.

Hmm. That’s disappointing. I was looking forward to free bus rides and early bird specials!

Sent the magazine to recycling??? You missed a lot by not looking at it.

The magazine is fantastic. I pretty much read it cover to cover. You’re talking about the magazine in the last few years, right?

Twenty years ago it was called Modern Maturity and it was beyond boring. But now it is really good… surprisingly good, in fact.

Well look at it this way: you now have 18 years to get your stomach used to having Denny’s at 6 am and 4 pm daily.