Should I keep going with "The Company" novels?

I just read *The Garden of Iden *by Kage Baker, and I enjoyed it. But it is obviously setting up a whole book series. OK, I’m not just assuming that, I found it on wiki.

Should I keep reading? Does Dr. Zeus, Inc. have something interesting up his collective sleave? Or does the series bog down? I’m kind of reluctant to commit to a new series when I have a stack single books that I haven’t read.

I’ve asked a Mod to fix the title.

It’s a pretty long series, including eight novels or so, and a couple of collections of shorter works, and a couple of “chapbooks,” but by and large I thought they were worth the effort. The climactic book wasn’t quite as awesome as I was hoped it to be, but it would be hard to be as awesome as I hoped it would be. I think it’s worth the effort.

I really liked them. However the events in the last book were a bit of a WTF for me though, so reader beware.

I’ve got two to go, and I’ve been having a great time with them. I don’t know why nobody ever told me about them before.

Cool. I can live with the final wrap-up being a little weak if the journey along the way is interesting. I’ll check to see if our library has the next one.

Aw. I checked to see which one was next (Sky Coyote) and wiki says that Kage Baker died last year. That’s too bad.

I loved the first novel, but the rest have been uneven for me, and I stopped reading after Children of the Company. I like Baker’s writing, and she can be hilarious, but I just didn’t like the general direction that she took the series. She seemed to abandon most of what I liked best about the first book.

I enjoyed the historical fiction aspects, and I liked watching the immortal characters occupying themselves with their particular obsessions. I didn’t care much about the overall plot and the machinations of the Company, and then I really disliked the whole Nicholas/Edward/Alec stuff in The Life of the World to Come.

Yeah, it is. I was reading Sky Coyote when she died, and I’m from that area of California, so I was really wondering why I never heard of her before.