Should I Keep Watching Fringe?

I’m just now getting to Fringe. I’m up to episode 8 in season 1. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it. I loved the X-Files. Fringe has all the right trappings, but so far it seems muddled and not terribly cohesive.

Does it find it’s footing? I’m willing to stick it out if it does.

My impression so far is that I see why everyone loves Walter. A truly interesting and unique character, played by an excellent actor. Olivia and Peter however just seem like cardboard cut-outs. Mark Valley has more charisma in his little finger than the both of them combined and he’s already dead. I like the spooky boss from The Wire as well. There are some concepts that are tantalizing, like the Observer and I hope the Pattern mythology pans out better than the aliens in the X-Files.

Any help?

I started out loving it because Walter is one of the best mad scientist ever.

I ended up bailing near the end of the first season and didn’t watch again until about the end of the second season.
I regretted it.
It’s a pretty cool show. The story goes through some huge changes. Walter is still there. I recommend keep watching.

The first season was trying to find its footing a bit. The second was more solid. Stick with it.

Eh, I’m more ambivalent. I watched the first four seasons, and will probably get around to season five eventually. In my opinion, it’s a typical JJ Abrams show: lots of interesting ideas and flash, but very little substance. Like Lost, there are lots of hints of deeper plotlines and overarching stories, but the promise for the most part fails to materialize. Or, more accurately, big reveals are quickly followed by new mysteries, and the entire premise of the show takes a left turn and makes most of what’s come so far irrelevant. I find that sort of thing frustrating. It would almost be more interesting if they dropped the big overarching conspiracy storylines entirely and made each episode self-contained.

It’s not bad, but if you were disappointed by the endings of Lost or Alias, just keep in mind that you can expect more of the same. Interesting, exciting stories that just don’t really go anywhere at the end of the day.

Regarding the acting, I don’t think Peter’s character ever ends up calling for much, but Olivia ends up needing to show some acting chops and in my opinion she delivers. Nothing shakespearean, mind you.

Stick with it.

It gets a lot better.

I forgot all about the pattern.Whatever happened with that?

Walter’s good, and the actor gets to show a bit more range with the introduction of Walternate.

Yeah, I think I may have to go into this knowing they won’t fulfill my expectations. Just starting the episode where they find toads that make you trip your face off and die. With a premise like that, it’s hard not to want to like this show.

I don’t remember that one at all!

Started out with a guy getting killed by butterflies. Didn’t really go anywhere interesting after that. I’m still watching though.

The pattern is explained, but it into spoilery to get into in this thread.

I really, really miss the creature of the week. I think I may be the only one.