Should I quit my job?

Work is a funny thing you know. I’ve got so many friends telling me I should quit my present job while at college find an off campus job and make more money. The thing is I only have 12 credit hours a semester which leaves me with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday off from class. I work 12am-4am Mon-Wed 12am-6am Thurs and 12am-2am on Fri. Everyone keeps telling me since I have those days free I should just go work off campus and make more money and do better for myself while I am at college. I can’t help but look at it in a different light

  1. I really like my job
  2. They take out next to nothing it taxes
  3. Hi Opal :smiley: (that was my first Hi Opal wow hehe)
  4. If I stay with this job in another year I’ll be Lab Manager
  5. I’m getting good future work refernces (all my bosses love me)
  6. I get along great with co-workers
  7. I may be getting a pay raise
  8. College is basically paid for with grants so I don’t have to worry about that
  9. I don’t work weekends

Sure I’d make more money if I worked off campus but I can’t help it I’d probably stay with this job as long as I could actually. I like the enviroment the people and helping others. BTW I’m a computer lab assistant that helps students with problems, fixes computers, and oversees lab operation during my shift. So basically what I am asking everyone is what would you do if you were in my situation and you felt the same way that I described above? Thanks this has just been bugging me awhile.

Waaaaay back in the olden days(ok, 91-95) when I was in college, I had to work 30-40 hours a week to pay that part of tuition that grants and loans didn’t pay. I would have given anything to have a so-called ‘easy’ campus job that let me work 12 hours a week or so and get by.

If you like what you’re doing, if it doesn’t interfere with your studying or partying, then I say keep the job. Now, if you needed the extra money that an off campus job would bring in, I’d say go for it. Otherwise, stick with it. I mean, you pretty much answered it yourself when you said:

I know but there are other factors I didn’t throw in because I didn’t really want to get them invovled. But I’ll do it just to make everyone’s opinions more interesting. The deal is I work 20 hours a week so I can help my mom with all her bills. My asshole of a dad ran out on my mom, sister, and I in the beginning of October and I haven’t seen him since. My mom is so far behind on her bills that it is getting to where they are threatening to shut things off at her house and possibly lose her house she is that far behind. I don’t want that happening to my mom. In fact I’d drop out of college and work just so she could keep her house. I was thinking about taking an off campus job with the one I have now and joining the national guard for 6 years so that I’ll have more money to contribute to her. I can only help her with about $300 a month or so now but I if I did the other options I’d make over $1200 a month and that would help bunches. I guess I’m torn between taking it easy and having fun or working my ass off and helping my mom more than anything. Hopefully you all can give me some insight to this.

I’d say the most important part of this decision is going to be the one where you sit down and talk to your mom about what she’d like you to do.

If you quit a job you like, which may be shaping your future, in order to support her better, she may feel as if she’s depriving you of your career. On the other hand, she may be proud of you for being so understanding of her current crisis. She obviously matters to you very much; you should include her in the process of making this decision.

Oh, and Tiki, just thought I’d mention… I’m developing a lot of respect for you, and the opinions I’ve seen you express here. You seem like a truly amazing human.

Thanks for the advice mrvisible I’d never thought of seeing what she thought was best. I know that she’d lik me to keep things the way the are but I cannot sit by and watch something bad happen to her. Next weekend when I am home I’ll talk to her and hopefully me and her can get something worked out. And finally I truly am humbled by your opinion of me. I cannot begin to express what some people have talked to me about on this board. You are all wonderful people and I cannot begin to tell you all how much you’ve helped me at times.

Can I be your Mom, too? :slight_smile:

Mighty Tiki God, I really can’t give any constructive advice to you here. But based on what you’ve said, I think you’ll make the best decision. (Is there anyone else who can help out your mom? Any kind of church or social programs…?)

If I had a kid, I would want one like you. You’re cool.

mrvisible has a good idea there. Thats probably the first thing you should do. but I present to you a few things you might not have thought about.

  1. Your sister is about old enough to help out, don’t forget her.
    2.Dropping out of school is not the end of the world (you know I am familiar with this). Your grants a and your credits stick around for 3 years. So say you take a semester off to help your mom, you can go back and just be a semester behind, and you won’t lose your grant money.
    3.Ask your mom to look into refinanceing, espeacially now…the fed has lowered rates. Its just an option to think about, it might lower her monthly payments and consolodate some bills.
    Those are just few things I thought you might want to think about. Let me know if you need anything from me…I mean anything at all. And yes mrvisible tiki is a truly amazing human. I like to keep good company, and he is probably the best to have around.
    BTW Call me ya big goofer:).I havn’t heard from you or mrs. tiki in awhile. Anytime after 11:30pm I’m home

Thanks maxx next time I talk to mom I’ll bring up those points also. As for me and Mrs. Tiki getting ahold of you it’ll be on the weekends usually. We are both dirt poor college students who can’t afford any more bills ourselves although you know that, but her cell phone calls are free on the weekend so that is the time I’ll give you a call. I’ll be back home in a couple of weekends if you wanna get together and shoot the shit like old times.