should I replace my faithful old car?

I have a 1993 Honda Civic with 135K miles. The distributor housing had to be replaced a couple weeks ago, and I just found out the alternator also needs to be replaced. The only cars I can get for what I have ($3k) seem to be pretty much what I have now: 93’-94’, 100K+, etc. Is it likely that such an exchange would be to my advantage, or would I just trade one set of problems for another? Thanks!

Alternator jobs are pretty cheap, and isn’t an unexpected repair for an older car. Keep your car until you have major problems.

Mine is a 1990 Civic wagon with 140 K miles. I think that it makes more economic sense to fix the odd thing going wrong with it than to let it go.

Some things I’ve replaced recently were the distributor cap & rotor. I also have had to put in the occasional electric part.

Compared to my daughter’s Pontiac (of identical age), the Civic is trouble-free: the Pontiac has had to have a radiator, alternator, battery, water pump, heater core, and head gasket.

I’m confident that my Civic has another 100K in it. Surely yours will last a few more years? Save up and add to your $3K until you can get something newer.

I would keep it until it dies or needs major repairs.

Thanks–I’d like to keep it b/c I quite like it, but I was quoted $415 for the alternator job–I take it I can probably find a better deal elsewhere?

** piaffe**, You should be able to get it done for less than $415.00. Go to the autozone website. I don’t know which engine your car has, a 1.5l or 1.6l, but there are two alts. listed for each. If you have a 1.5l which is the most common, with a Nippondenso alt. the price is 152.99. If it has a Mitsubishi alt. the price is 129.99. Also, if the belt hasn’t been changed recently, change the belt when you replace the alt.