Should I take an acting class?

It’s just a little two-session beginner’s class offered by a community adult education program; it’s not like a semester long course at Northwestern University. And I won’t be taking it because I want a career as a waiter… just for the time being… until things pick up…

I’m considering taking it simply becasue it might be a fun and interesting way to battle my insecurities. I mean think about it: I don’t know these people. Why the hell should I worry about making a fool out of myself. In fact, making a fool out of myself might be a reason for taking the class. I could actually attempt to express myself openly in front of total strangers. I mean, I’m smart, I’m funny, and gosh darn it! People like me (sorry, I don’t remember Stuart Smalley’s exact quote).

It’s only two classes, so it won’t kill me. It’s only $55, so it won’t break me. It could actually be fun. And I might even meet some women–well, some young, single, attractive women. So there are definitely reasons for taking the class.

But what if it’s hokey? I can’t stand hokey. Hokey makes my skin crawl. This adult education program also offers course on past-life regression and earning money through self-hypnosis. I don’t mean to insult anyone’s sensibilities, but these things I consider hokey.

So, what do you think? Do I risk $55 and 6 hours of my life to take what’s behind Door #2? It could be interesting, I could have lots of fun, I could learn something about myself, and I could meet new people. Or I could get a clunker, be out some cash, and spend an hour in the shower scrubbing the hokey off my skin. Aaahh! Get it off me! Get it off me!


Do it.

I took a couple of acting classes and had loads of fun. And picked up some much needed interpersonal skills.
Whether it is hokey is going to depend on the teacher. Good acting requires being aware of the things we do that we aren’t normally aware of, and sometimes the exercises that pulls that out seem a little strange. If the exercise seems hokey, suspend your disbelief, do the exercise, then try to understand how the exercise works.