Should I use a toilet snake?

Alright, let’s just say I had a bad week, I managed to flush a pair of nail clippers, toothbrush and tongue scraper down the toilet. I don’t think they made it all the way because, well, flushing isn’t adequate. I’ve seen some toilet snakes online for about $30, will this work for my situation?
I saw this link already and I’ve narrowed the prob down to the toilet and have plunged and plunged and plunged with no result.

I won’t ask… :slight_smile:

The “closet snake” (as they’re called) is a springy thing that is meant to break up clogs (hair, kleenex used instead of TP by mistake, dead gerbils and… poopies) and allow them to be flushed down the drain. I wouldn’t rely on it to either retrieve or dislodge any of the above items.

A magnet might help with the nail clippers or other metallic objects, or a “remote gripper” (like a four-bladed tweezer) might snag something - both of these can be bought on flexible mounts, about 18" to 24" long, that could be threaded around corners. But my main concern would be that something like the toothbrush might get pushed into the drain and cause a more serious clog, necessitating major plumbing work.

The innards of a toilet are pretty basic, and your best bet would be to reach in with your hand and see if you can find anything. If that’s not successful, call your plumber.

I once moved into a place where the toilet was “inadequate” so I bought a toilet snake, in the form of a 12 foot spring with a widening at one end, and fed it down the stool. After wiggling it about for a few minutes I pulled it back up, and with it came a toothbrush that the previous tenant had left behind. The bottom opening on those new restricted volume toilets is small enough that things get caught in them very easily. Don’t bother trying one of those snakes made of a metal ribbon, they are not flexible enough to thread through a toilet.

A toilet snake is more helpful for penetrable clogs, such as the one that my dad encountered while working maintenance in an apartment complex: A potato carved into a familiar and suggestive shape. I’m sure that it could wiggle past and snag onto larger objects in most cases, such as is with Squink’s experience.

I wish I had not read that as “penetrable dogs”.

LOL…That’s what I was thinking as I was writing that…“Gee, that “C” and “L” look a bit TOO close…ah well…”

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Well, put a glove on & feel around down there & see if you can feel them at the bend.

Otherwise, there is usually an outlet outside that you can open up & clear the pipe from.