SHOULD Israel Rebuild The Temple?

Simply from a Jewish religious point of view, the Temple can’t be rebuilt nowadays for two reasons:

  1. The sacrificial altar would need to be placed on the precise site of the prior altars, and we do not have sufficient knowledge to locate it that precisely. It is better to not sacrifice at all than to sacrifice in the wrong place.

  2. All Jews today are in a state of ritual impurity due to contact with dead bodies, since there have not been any red heifers in ages. People in such a state should not be dealing in sanctified things.

Are you crazy?! J-lem is the capital of our country! Fuck the historic or religious significance - if you blow the place up, all the politicians and civil servants will start hanging out here in Tel Aviv! We haven’t done anything to deserve that.

As to the OP - what, we don’t have enough problems?

Well, #1 makes sense and is straightforward enough. #2 is rather interesting. Please tell more!

The Holyland Hotel in Jerusalem has a model of the Second (Herodian) Temple. You can see pix here:

See also:

And the “Temple Mount Faithful” are here:

And here’s a couple of Protestant Evangelical “Last Days” sites: (This one has a page on “Where is the Ark of the Covenant?”)

If this board didn’t have a rule against “hate speech,” I would respond to that by saying, “Fuck the Jews, fuck the Muslims, and double-fuck the Christians in every hole without vaseline!”

But I can’t, so I won’t.

According to Numbers 19, a perfect red heifer, without blemish or spot, and never having known a yoke, was required to purify someone who’d touched dead bodies, which apparently has some major connection to re-opening the Temple. Loony Rightamentalists have been jumping on this bandwagon in hopes of bringing about the End Times.

From this webpage:

The page goes into more detail about the whole Temple restoration movement. If you’re really interested in the whole thing, it’s recommended reading.

Ponder Stibbons:

Well, there are, according to the Bible, a number of sources of ritual impurity which render a person temporarily unfit for contact with sanctified things (e.g., sacrificial meat, sacrificial vessels) and also not allowed to enter the Temple courtyard (which pretty much included the entire Temple Mount). Most of these types of impurity could be cleansed from a person by immersion in a ritual pool (Mikveh, in Hebrew) after a suitable waiting period. However, impurity contracted from contact with a corpse can only be cleansed through the ritual of the Red Heifer described in Numbers chapter 19. In the absence of such a beast…and they are clearly very rare to come across…anyone who’s ever been in contact or under the same roof as a corpse remains ritually unclean and is not, according to the (Orthodox) Jewish religion, allowed to ascend the Temple Mount.

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Not so great apocalyptic solution to World Religion jokes, other blokes!

What would qualify as a ‘Red Heifer’ traditionally? Would these work?:

I’m not trying to be facetious by they way - I’m genuinely curious.

  • Tamerlane

There have been some near-qualifiers for a Red Heiffer in recent years, however some of them have grown a white hair or two on their tail which instantly disqualifies them.

It has also been suggested by some that Israel should raise a group of boys in a “safe room” from birth so that they would never come in contact with a dead body in their life, until they are old enough to become a levitical preist and perform the necessary duties. However, Im sure some would cry foul at denying a group of kids a normal life for thier zealous religious ideas.

Wouldn’t most people have never come into contact with a dead body (presuming it’s a human body we’re talking about)? I don’t know about the “under the same roof as a dead body” requirement, but wouldn’t that be fairly easy to work around? If you ensure that you never go to a funeral parlour, and no aging family members in your house die suddenly, you’re pretty much set, right?

And when is the Temple regarded as having been completed ie becoming the Temple? Is it still the Temple when it’s in construction? That is, could unclean people, participate in the construction of the Temple, or would all work have to be done by ritually clean people?


Do you own stock in HEPA filter manufacturing companies, or something? Is that why you want to create a tourist industry that requires large scale use of the things? Plus, what exactly is a ‘radiation suit’? Do you mean anti-contamination clothing, and if so, do you own stock in those, too? There is NO suit that protects against radiation, and I’m rather tired of seeing that admittedly common misconception. :smiley:

Seriously - Jews have been going to the wailing wall for the next best thing to 2000 years, and you think a simple thing like a nuke is going to stop them? :eek:
In regards to the OP, with the exception of certain Zionist Jews and/or sects, I really don’t believe there is that much interest in rebuilding the Temple without having the Messiah return. In the time since the destruction of the Temple Judaism has evolved, and changed from a religion lead by an ordained priesthood, to the rabbinical tradition. Rebuilding the Temple will change the entire face of modern Judaism by allowing the return of the Levites as the controlling priests.

And, frankly, catering to Zionist Jews is a far worse idea to my mind, than doing anything for the purpose of pleasing fundies. :smiley:

Ok…this is embarassing, but I always thought that Tel Aviv was the capital of Israel. When did it move to Jerusalem?

AFAIK, it’s always been the capital of Israel. For most Americans the confusion (one I shared at one point) seems to stem from the fact that the US embassy to Israel is in Tel Aviv - the only country where our embassy is NOT in the capitol of the respective country.

Well, color me stupid, then. I thought that the UN resolution creating Israel and Palestine called for Jerusalem to be some sort of extra-territorial city, like Washington D.C. Am I totally out to lunch?

I’m not an expert, and I’d be willing to bow to anyone else’s expertise, but AIUI, the way that the government of Israel has interpreted that part of the U.N. resolution is that access to Jerusalem is supposed to be unrestricted. But the seat of the government of Israel is still located in Jerusalem. (One has to admit that Jews, practicing or not, have a reputation for stubbornness.) Of course, as I understand it, the proposed capitol of Palestine is ALSO Jerusalem. :rolleyes:

Thanks. Ignorance, while not vanquished, has at least been B***-slapped. Just went to the CIA world factbook for a reality check (something I probably should have done before opening my pie-hole) and found this:


I don’t get it, and Mrs. Plant who was born Jewish doesn’t get it, either.

No, because you also become unclean if you stand on a grave. “Aha!”, you say, “I just won’t go to any cemetaries.” Not so fast. How do you know when you’re walking down the street, somebody didn’t get buried where you’re walking and then the grave just got forgotten about? So, to be safe, there’s an assumption of uncleanliness there.

Bizzwire, the capital of Israel is, like everything else in the Israel-Palestine area, a debatable topic. Most countries hold that the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv, since that is less contentious, ie less likely to offend Palestinians and some Arab countries. I believe Australia, my home country, is in this camp.

Some allies of Israel hold that the capital is Jerusalem, notably the US. This is the Israeli position. The CIA World Factbook info reflects this position and is not an undebated fact. I believe some Arab nations do not recognize any capital, as they still do not recognize the nation itself.

So a Jewish mortician would be majorly screwed, right?