Should Mom-and-Pops That Forgo Gay Weddings Be Destroyed?

Let’s play “replace the adjective!” in urbanredneck’s post!

Nope. No bigotry there.

So often, the pro-discrimination side says “Gosh, I would want to KNOW if someone didn’t want my business! Why would I want to do business with someone who hated me?”

I think every one of us could tolerate someone discriminating against us if we knew it was only going to to be once in our lives. But we know from history, we know from experience, and we know from just using our calculators or fingers PLUS toes that it’s not ever going to be just encountering one bigot somewhere once.

Sure, we can suck it up once. We can’t suck it up our whole lives.

Funny, I respect gay people.

And those negroes can go to another lunch counter.

It’s not like every place in town is going to be closed to them. (Except…sometimes.)

It appears this man has somehow gotten his hands on a copy of the infamous gay agenda. He understands gays are just looking to get scalps they can show off at pride parades.

I never run around looking for businesses to slight me. I just don’t want the possibility I’ll have to make multiple stops when I travel to get a fucking pizza because the first place I stopped in told me I can’t get one there because I’m a fag. Are they going to reimburse me for the wasted time? I only have so much time on this planet and want to spend as little of it as possible going place to place in hopes that they won’t turn me away.

Really? You have walked into a pizza place and they had a sign which said “No Gays Allowed”?

Its a stupid cake. I mean if you were willing to pay the kind of money a good wedding cake costs, wouldn’t you want one to be exactly what you want it to be from a baker who will totally understand your needs? Heck if it was me I’d want a person who could do the most beautiful cake which shows the personality and feelings of me and my partner. Why would you want to mess with some breeder who might not have a clue or even be able to find a 2 grooms to put on the top?

Maybe you aren’t looking for “scalps” but many others are.

When they go out of their way to destroy a small business just because they disagree with them?

The black bakery/KKK party cake issue? Already happened, and the courts sided with the KKK.

I’m a cashier in a store owned and managed by Hassidic Jews. I have provided my services for many Muslim women and two young guys dressed in swastika jackets. The manager came and stood at my register for the latter two, but nothing was said.

We provide the same gift bag with three types of printing on it: To The Bride and Groom, To The Happy Couple, and For the Two of You. Some bigoted idiot complained that we were “promoting homosexuality.” He got quite loud and vocal about it. The Hassidic Jewish manager told him to leave or he would call the police. And no, he did not agree with the guy and he has no problem providing our services for obvious gay couples. When he overheard my sister mention “my wife” in the store, he did not bat an eye.

The owners of Memories Pizza told a TV news crew that they would refuse to cater a same-sex wedding, even though they had apparently never been asked to cater a same-sex wedding. So I think it would be more fair to say that the owners were running around begging same-sex marriage/gay-rights supporters to take offense at their policy.

People are fixated on the cake thing, like we are ONLY talking about “stupid cakes”. Do you really think a religious exemption law would be limited to stupid bakeries and stupid cakes?

A realtor could refuse to help a gay couple buy a house because GAYS FORNICATING ABOMINATION!!!

Daycare centers could refuse to take children of a gay couple because GAYS PROCREATING ABOMINATION!!!

If the stupid cake makers can get a religious exemption, why WOULDN’T all the other townfolk also be eligible for one? If the homos can be legally discriminated against, why not all sinners?

The Bible says “Don’t suffer a witch to live.” Can the private ambulance operator claim religious exemption when the call comes in for the Wiccan? Why not? He’s just one person, and the Wiccan can find someone else to take her to the hospital, right?

I don’t want to live in a society this.

It’s always so fascinating to me that Jesus was compassionate to prostitues and sinners, love the sinner hate the sin and all that; but that Christian businesses like these freak out at a mutually beneficial exchange of goods and services. Sure, “Christian” businesses.

Not yet. I spend most my time in Massachusetts where it is already illegal for businesses to discriminate against gay people. In other parts of the country it’s still a possibility that I advocate should not be allowed.

You might want that and **Bricker **explains in the other thread pretty well how such a request could be refused on the grounds of artistic expression.

I might just want the same cake my brother had at his wedding and don’t think a baker should be allowed to refuse my request because of who I am.


This is not a harmless difference of opinion, like “I like red, and you prefer blue.” These people are hruting my loved ones. I’ll say that again-- these people are doing things that cause active harm to some of the poeple I care about most in this world.

These actions encourage parents to disown their kids. They encourage gay teenagers to feel fear and self-loathing. They encourage gay couples to hide. They encourage hate, fear, self-loathing, lie-living, broken families , beatings, and suicide.

Of people that I care about.

It’s not harmless. It’s not an opinion. It’s about making sure that gay people know that they are hated and that they get the maximize social penalty possible for who they are. It’s about creating an aptmosphere of casual htred so that kids and people on the fence are encouraged to be comfortable with the “hate the fags” side. It’s about hurting people, causing them pain, running them out of town, and perpetuating hate.

Fuck. That. Fuck their business. Fuck their fucked up little opinion. These guys are on the wrong side of history. We’ve slowly, very slowly, been working towards a world where everyone deserves human dignity, and these people are bravely holding on to some of the last bastions of pointless hatred, with tenacity found only in people who understand they are about to lose. And the sooner they lose, the sooner they are pushed deep into the margins of society where stupid prejudice belongs, the sooner everyone else can get on with their lives.

This is actually very, very common. I’ve had experiences in the office where I was accused of ‘flaunting my sexuality’. My crime was mentioning that my boyfriend and I had gone to a movie. The accusation came from someone who had photos of their opposite sex spouse and their kids on their desk…talk about flaunting your sexuality!

Your post brought tears to my eyes. Very well said.

“They”? I stand with gay people. Lots of straight people stand with gay people. This is not gay people against straight people. This is people who respect gay people against people who don’t.

You don’t respect gay people? I don’t owe you anything. I don’t owe you my business, and damned straight (heh) I will tell others about it and hope they won’t give you their business either.

I don’t make illegal threats, wouldn’t call or harass. But I’m happy to boycott.

Yes, it is different.

Is the Country Singer’s wedding, itself, sinful? No (unless you are Catholic, which they aren’t. The belong to The Church of Christ, which AFAICT does allow divorce.). Past sins can be forgiven.

But if you think SSM is a sin, then the wedding, itself, is sinful.

Christianity is all about forgiving sins, but it isn’t about aiding and abetting sin.

I don’t think this has been mentioned yet, but one of the arguments for segregation was also a religious one–that God didn’t want blacks and whites to mix, or marry each other. But the U.S. doesn’t allow that argument to be used to let businesses discriminate any more.

Should a mom and pop be destroyed? If they break the law, yes.

The shamelessly loaded language in the title of this article makes me laugh every time I come across it. :rolleyes: