Urbanredneck is a homophobic bigot

I don’t really have the drive to give him a proper pitting but I really just wanted everyone to know. Seems like he wants everyone to know too.












There’s also a thread where he pops in to ponder why a gay guy can’t “just find a nice girl and settle down” (paraphrased but yes that was just about what he said) but I’ll be damned if I can find it. I found all these other gems instead!

Now I wanna see what happens when you do have the drive to properly pit someone.

Agreed. He was really annoying me in that teenager thread, with the two moms. “Shoving propaganda down his throat”? The kid has two functioning parents, he’ll be fine, why don’t you go and worry about all of the kids in abusive homes or whatever?

Dipshit. I think he’s also anti-transgender.

I’d say you pitted him quite properly. Well done.

Well if he doesn’t constantly talk about gay stuff, how are we supposed to know how straight he is?

If that was a grocery list I’d need a bigger cart.

Yeah, I threw in a quote from the Bruce Jenner thread but he didn’t have too much to say about it. In that thread, at least. He didn’t not-give-a-fuck as hard as aceplace57 did.

You realize he has “red” and “neck” in his name, right?

The guy has been a “I’m so anti-gay, it hurts” poster boy since he’s shown up, that it makes me wonder why he wastes his time here. He’s not going to convince the natives that his ‘bigoted-er than thou’ stance is better, so why bother? What a boring, un-original troll. Maybe the Freepers have suspended new membership?

ETA: Oh, and Zipper, what a fine pitting. This asshole deserved this ages ago. Multi thumbs up!

Wuh? “go after”? Wuh?

Great pitting ZipperJJ.

I guess you and I have a different definition of “drive.”

When I see someone this vocal about their anti-gay feelings I expect that in a few months they will explaining to everyone how they have a wide stance.

Well I mean like, I don’t really feel like writing a long screed with creative put-downs and uses of the word “fuckity.” Searching “site:boards.straightdope.com urbanredneck gay” did not take much effort. It returns a wad of awful, which I pasted here.

I’m leaving it up to you guys to add your own “fuckity.”

So then I expect we’ll soon be hearing about how his computer drive full of gay porn was found and he had to come out?

It’s always the ones who scream loudest about how NOT GAY they are who turn out to be totally gay.

Not only is he a bigot, he’s also an extra-dumb bigot. Our other resident bigots at least have a sackful of ten dollar words they dress up their bigotry in, coming across as the first place sprinters on the escargot tray. Urban, dude, he’s not winning any ribbons even among his bigoted fellows.

I always want to say to people who think you choose your sexuality, ok, prove it. Go after the same sex for six months. Just six months. Sleep with the same sex, have a relationship, etc. Prove your sexuality is just that mutable. Voila! When you can do that, maybe then I’ll listen to you.

This thread is TOTALLY urban!

Possibly his anus hurts from something … unrequited.

Dan Savage has a very great, very explicit version of this challenge, which I won’t link to but invite someone else to link to.

I think it’s actually not really NSFW, but just in case: