Urbanredneck is a homophobic bigot

Thank god someone finally pitted this douchenozzle. He is an ignorant piece of shit who offers nothing to do this message board.

It’s not a big deal at all, actually. It’s what I said only more direct: Anti gay guy says clearly homosexuality is a choice because men sometimes go gay in prisons and then are straight when they come out. Dan Savage says: ok, suck my dick. On TV.

I don’t think I’ve ever participated in pitting another poster, but since I’ve been the recipient of Urban Redneck’s rabid and obsessive gay-bashing I feel comfortable supporting this pitting. If he said the things he says about gays, about any other group of people and especially any other group of participating members here, he’d be sanctioned regularly.

Yeah, you gotta give the guy the “Truth In Advertising” award, at least.

Uhh, what? You think that the SDMB is more accepting of gay-bashing than of bashing of other groups? What logic or evidence supports this bizarre claim?

Were he to claim that people chose to be black, I think people would call bullshit.

Please see the OP. And that’s just one poster, who says the kinds of things that are quite often seen here. Then, I or others could search for similar posts about other groups but it could take a long time to come up with a list even approaching in number.

Really, and if a poster assigned every problem in a mixed race family to its being mixed race, that would ring a bit bigoted, wouldn’t it?

Anaamika, you might just lose that bet more often than you expect.

The folks who think you choose, it’s because they are choosing. Choosing to ignore what they want (gay sex) for what their moral code says they should want (straight sex). Ask THAT guy to sleep with men for 6 months, and he’s going to have a grand old time.

Do a search on the user name Chief Pedant. You’ll come up with a list of racist bullshit twice as long in about five minutes.

A pitting thread about that should be started then. You haven’t negated the anti-gay problem; you’ve just identified a bigger problem.

I mean, if we really want to fight ignorance.

Lonesome Polecat is another. His banning seemed to take forever.

I think the point is that homophobia and other forms of bigotry are explicitly allowed on the Dope, as long as they’re not expressed with slurs (which can go well beyond the obvious ones), advocacy of violence or other crimes, or other violations of the rules.

Here’s tapu’s post #23, with my bolding added:

That to me strongly implies some kind of official moderator action, as in, “the SDMB moderators sure crack down on people who say mean things about (some other group), but just let people say homophobic things to their hearts’ content with no repercussions”.

Which, if that’s what tapu was trying to say, is ridiculous for two reasons:
(1) In general, there ARE no sanctions for people posting anti-black things, or anti-Jew things, or anything else of that sort, if they obey the general board rules
(2) The SDMB is INCREDIBLY pro-gay (as it should be) by any remotely reasonable standard

You think people haven’t done that already?

No, I’m afraid that I have not, personally, eliminated all homophobia in the world.

Working on it, though!

It’s hard to fight ignorance if we don’t allow ignorant people to post their ignorant ideas.

It’s true. At the same time–and I apologize if this is getting into ATMB territory, I don’t think it is, but I’m not entirely clear on the line–Chief Pedant tends to talk about general “scientific” ideas of race, not talking about individual posters here.

The equivalent would be if a black poster complained about her son’s lack of Mother’s Day appreciation, and Chief Pedant responded that black boys were less intelligent, so she shouldn’t expect her black son to be able to remember everything a white boy would remember.

I find Pedant’s schtick to be pretty awful, but the sort of thing that must be allowed in the fight against ignorance. Redneck’s approach seems to me to veer into personal attacks in a pretty fucked up way.

Indeed, which is why all bigotry should be allowed in Great Debates and the Pit. Outside those, however, it’s thread-derailing and perhaps threadshitting. Think of, say, someone in an interracial couple who posted a problem he had with his kid and someone came into that thread to disapprove of interracial couples.

So in a sense, we’re trolling the ignorant. Since 1973. :cool:

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Took me a moment, but :smiley: