Ask the Gay Guy V! (The next generation)

Yeah! Why can’t we all just shut up and hide in the closet like normal people and stop making Imnotivan get those funny feelings down there?

Bully for him. Yes, I’m well aware that men have hooked up with each other since the beginning of time. For many of them it was just about sex, but we’ve realized that we don’t have to marry a woman that we’re not interested in, have children that we may or may not even want and can live openly as couples and have the same legal rights that any other couple has the right to. I want those non-western countries to stop jailing or executing people simply because they’d rather be with someone of the same sex. If some people don’t want that, they don’t have to take advantage of it. I want to, I want my partner to have the right to inherit my estate (not that it’s that much), make medical decisions for me as needed and all the other thousands of things that my brother and his wife are able to do.

I’d rather be one of those ‘lemmings’ that are helping same sex couples have the same rights than a coward that believes they don’t deserve it.

Or a coward who sees homosexual/bisexual orientation becoming a minority norm and will no longer be able to hide behind “I’m only doing this because my girlfriend is being a frigid bitch”. The whole “I’m not a homosexual! I always pitch, never catch!” is still pretty prevalent worldwide.

Or that girlfriend that always is mysteriously out of town.

Oh, and if you’re talking about Rosario Crocetta (once mayor, now governor of Sicily), it’s true that he doesn’t personally want to get married but he is in support of same sex marriage in general.

Well, when you are dating an international supermodel, you have to understand that she’s going to be traveling a lot for her job…

The Fanatics thing wasn’t directed at anyone here in particular, just in reading various internet things over the years and a few people I’ve met over the years were very… strong in their beliefs on homosexuality and didn’t always seem to interested in discussing things and answering questions so much so as stating their beliefs and pretty much saying that’s the way it is.

If my poor phrasing offended anyone I apologize as it definitely wasn’t meant that way :slight_smile:

I wasn’t offended, just curious what that meant. :slight_smile: It takes a hell of a lot more than that to offend me.

Yeah, who needs to fight for such fripperies as marriage rights, protection from being violently attacked, and consumer and workplace non-discrimination laws when you can suck dick with other closet cases.


I agree that it’s hard to relate to until it happens to you. I spent my whole life thankful that I’m straight, that I don’t have to endure the hardships of others. I was married, had three kids, then divorced. I had had some degree of attraction toward women, but physically only, I didn’t want to date a woman (especially because, in general, women drive me crazy :rolleyes:). Then at the age of 33 I found the person that I truly want to spend the rest of my life with, who happens to be a woman. The world looks at me and calls me lesbian, which is fine, but I don’t like the label because I simply love who I love. If I were to find myself single again, possibly I would stick with women, but I may also date men again. For me, it’s the person, not their gender

I’m surprised you weren’t tossed out of more than 43.

Is it because you like men or just dont like women?

I mean why you guys dont like women? They smell better than we do. They talk different. They see things different. They have different mindsets. They have body parts we dont have. I’ve just never understood why you cannot find a woman to share your life with?

I do like women, I just have no sexual interest and have no desire to share a life with them. I found a man to share my life with (13 years and counting!) and we have different mindsets, see things differently, talk differently, smell different…and while we have the same body parts, his are interesting to me in different ways than my own are.

To turn it around a little, do you like women or just don’t like men? They smell great, have the same body parts so know exactly what to do with them, have different mindsets and see things differently because every person does.

I just knew you would turn it around.

Yeah I like men as buds. But to live with one the rest of my life sharing the same bed, closet, and bathroom - no.

Same for me with women. As much as you can’t imagine wanting to be with another man, I can’t imagine wanting to be with a woman.

Has this been answered yet? What the hell do you mean? What is “in your face” other than behavior which would be perfectly acceptable from someone straight?

I have a family member who I just knew was gay since he was 3 years old. Another family member and I have even talked about it, secretly of course, and she agreed I was probably right. There was just something about him, personality, emotions, even his little smiling face, even as a baby, sitting in his little high chair. I can’t explain how i knew. But i was positive. As he aged i became more convinced, the way he played, drawings he drew, things he was interested in. He was so good looking all through jr and HS. Very popular. Lots of friends of both sexes. Very outgoing. Years go by and now he’s in his first year in college. Still not a single girlfriend. There have been a couple girl friends that he took to dances and stuff. But i askedshia mom if it was a romantic date and she said no they were just good friends. I can’t help but feel so sorry for him that he might feel he has to either fight it or hide it. He should have had the joy of a boyfriend. I would hate it if he missed out on love through his young years. But what can you do? It’s truly none of my business. And I certainly am not going to be one to pressure him, out him, or make him uncomfortable. We love him terribly no matter what. I just want him to be happy. So i patiently wait for the day when he finally tells us, or brings someone home.

You sound like a great relative. :). All you can do is wait until he figures it out and feels comfortable talking about it.

But you dont really know do you? He might find a wonderful woman.

Exactly. That’s why I chose to be straight.