I think my boyfriend is gay and in denial, what do I do.

You’re clearly not happy, end it.

I think you should try and fix him. Give it a year or two then move on if it doesn’t work.

No, actually you really suck at being “blunt about shit”. You really do. You might want to look up definitions for “blunt” and “shit.” Because seriously, this is not one of your strengths. Or even any of them. Don’t dig your hole any deeper.

Jesus, again with the being nasty to noobs? Were you bullied in school or something?

Who has a hard time getting and staying hard. And won’t go downtown.
Um… What were those good qualities again?

I think the OP should being a dude (who is amenable to a threesome with another dude) home to watch pegging videos and see how the BF reacts to that.

The ex-con thing is kind of beside the point at this juncture. He paid his debt to society and moved on. The main point is that you have decided at age 25, that a man 15 years older than you who does not find you (a self described attractive women) all that sexually appealing is the best bet in front of you for a long term relationship, a life, and maybe a family and kids.

This is an utterly insane decision. It’s almost the literal definition of nuts. This is not about him, this is all about you and your terrible, awful, not so good decision making. He is who he is. If he is in denial about his lust for cock it is highly probable you will eventually be roadkill when he decides to take the brakes off his “confusion” and moves on and up and out.

There is NOTHING you can do about his sexual preferences. If you want a relationship with a man who desires you, you need to put on your big girl underwear and move on. This is 100% about you and your decisions, not him.

Was that meant for me? If not why are you quoting me?

My take was to read your quote before the “Yeah” and Inna’s together as a sentence. He was just agreeing with you and adding to it.

Well, that was blunt. Now listen to yourself. You don’t want a relationship like that. End it.

I read it as he was adding to your list of unattractive qualities of the BF.

If you are blunt, be blunt with yourself.

Why aren’t you leaving him? Are you scared to be alone?

He sounds like he would be a good friend but maybe not boyfriend material for you.

This is the most important sentence in the whole thread.

The obvious answer is “OK, so go and find a relationship that you DO want. You’re only 25; you’ve got plenty of time to find something better”

It sounds like the possibility that the boyfriend is gay is the very least of the issues in this relationship.

99 good qualities mean absolutely dick-all when against one dealbreaker. And it sounds like you’re up against 3 or more so far.

Next time you are fucking your boyfriend in the ass just be blunt and shit and ask him if he is gay.

I’m from Alabama. You’d be amazed how many men can deny being gay while getting fucked in the ass.

Y’know, begin a porn addict lowers one’s sex drive with a partner. That could be major component to the issue. (Among others.)

You left out having his baby.

So what if he has an attraction to men? Why cannot a man repress a feeling he feels is immoral or otherwise wrong?

Remember being “gay” is a combination of genetic and cultural forces. Same sex feelings can be nurtured or repressed. Why not let him choose?

Why? Are you afraid he will leave you for the first cute guy that comes along?