"I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me"

Well, equality doesn’t have anything to do with drilling for oil per se. But if you set up a work environment that doesn’t discriminate based on sexual orientation, for instance, and does things like give equal benefits to same sex couples, and sets up an environment where somebody doesn’t have to worry about being harassed because of their sexuality, then that attracts qualified people who might not otherwise apply for jobs there. (It also attracts customers…a gay customer might be more willing to buy from you rather than a competitor if he or she knows that your company is gay friendly.)

And, actually, Lord Browne’s book uses statistics and case studies to show that companies that embrace gay rights do better than those who don’t.

If you have an hour, here’s a lecture he gave on the topic, and then the questions he took:


Tim Cook was born gay. He wasn’t born CEO of Apple. One was a gift from God, the other was the result of years of hardwork.

what I find interesting is Tim Cook is pretty much everything Steve Jobs was not.

I loved the last two sentences (more added for context):

He’s trying to help an oppressed minority. As CEO of the country’s biggest corporation, he’s kind of an 800 lb. gorilla for the cause. He didn’t have to do that- good for him.

The only “advantage” I can see being gay is a man doesnt have a wife and kids to hold him down so to speak and he can more easily move around to different jobs.

But seriously, gays are about 3% of males and who would want to be in a position where one could only mate with 3% of your same gender? Best to go after the other 50% of humanity.

Why do a husband and kids hold someone down less than a wife and kids?

I wouldn’t call him a maginalised minority in San Francisco.

True. Some gays do have children adopted by both partners and in that case similar issues would apply like your spouses job and wanting to live in an area with good schools. However the person mentioned in the OP doesnt mention having this.

That’s an advantage to being single and child-free, not to being gay. Gay folks can bear and raise children, and now that they can (in most states) marry, they are subject to the same challenges that married het couples have faced for a long time.

If gay women can’t bore a hole I don’t know who could.

Absolutely wrong. I can take great pride in the struggles of the past (both external and internal), and how I and others worked to overcome them . . . and succeeded. I have grown in so many ways that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d been straight.

Best argument against gay marriage ever!

TV AD: [music: Music Box Dancer played on music box pins, gradually slowing & flattening; lighting changing gradually from green to yellow and finally to umber; 10 second montage of young man progressing from high school football hero, prom king, college grad, marriage, energetic desk jockey and freeze: morph from young, trim & eager to old, fat, balding, & crushed. Fade in around him pictures of frumpy, beat-down wife, screeching babies, derisive teens.

FADE TO BLACK – FADE IN WHITE BLOCK TEXT] “Don’t let this happen to you.”
[FADE IN BELOW]“Gays against marriage”

“But seriously” . . . I can only “mate with” 105 million men? That’s not a disadvantage, it’s an impossibility. And it works both ways: I’m only competing with 3% of males, not half of humanity.

But all I need is one man in my life, and I’ve got him.

I don’t know what you’re implying but whatever it is, it’s incredibly offensive.

Either you’re saying he’s a straight man who’s pretending to be gay to score some fabulous PC points with the media, which makes him a person who totally invalidates the gay experience. A heavy charge for a man who grew up in Alabama in the 1970s and must of seen and faced incredibly prejudice and stigmatization.

Or, you’re saying he came out for purely narcissistic, self serving reasons which is the opposite of the truth given how late he’s coming out. Tim Cook has been like Anderson Cooper in that he’s been open about his sexuality in private for a long, long time but he’s also always been private about his personal life because he’s never felt it relevant to the job he’s doing. If he wanted to come out for self serving reasons, he would have done it a long time ago. He’s coming out now because he feels like it could do some good in the world, not because he has some perverse desire to be feted as a minority.

Or, and this is more likely, they’re saying that being white and male means he’s never going to be a true minority, and cannot possibly know what discrimination really is, because “intersectionality” is what you practice at a four-way stop with no traffic lights.

As we all know, power is always and forever held by certain groups, which are Privileged in any and all interactions, and they’re Wrong. Especially when they try to talk about the challenges they faced. The only response to that is denying and minimizing their experiences, because they’re not real minorities, after all, and therefore have achieved nothing on their own.

(This is what’s left when a reasonable theory gets gutted and its skin gets worn by someone trying to pass as a caring human being.)

And I thought he couldn’t be any less jerky than Jobs.

In the news today they’re saying a memorial to Steve Jobs in a tech park in russia has been taken down because it violates their gay propaganda laws and endangers children.

I can’t wait till Putin gets busted fellating a circus clown in a public restroom. The phobia is so strong with him it’s just a matter of when, not if.

Kind of offensive.

As far as Mr. Cook’s comments it looked bizare as an out of context headline, but in context I get what the is saying.