Should the government continue to restrict cell phone use during flights?

The FCC has determined that cell phone use on airplanes is safe and with the proper equipment does not interfere with ground cell networks. The FCC is ready to lift a ban they put in place in 1991.

Yet other agencies and members of congress are ready to jump to see that the ban stays in place. The reason is not the integrity of communications networks or flight safety, but because of passenger preference.

Do really need laws and regulations in place because of consumer preference? Shouldn’t that be left to the airlines to decide if they want to permit their customers use cell phones on their planes or not? If an airline wished to cater to people that want to use cell phones while flying, they could offer it, if they wanted to preserve to quietness of the cabin they could ban it on their flights.

The last flight I was on, portable electronics were allowed, and if you wanted to pay a fee, you could even connect to their WIFI system. I don’t see the big deal about extending that to include cell phones.

Because people don’t talk into their iPads and laptops.
I’d allow it only if you segregate the yakkers into the rear rows, with a soundproof screen - like the airlines used to do to the smokers.

I don’t think the government should ban cell phones if they don’t cause safety problems. But, I sure would prefer the airlines prohibit use of them. I’m not saying I wouldn’t fly, but I would hate it.

If people are allowed cell phone calls on a plane, I demand equal treatment for my iPad karaoke App :smiley:

I just changed my mind. If they allow it, I’m going to book lots of flights on the San Jose to Austin plane. I’ll bring a sensitive tape recorder. I could clean up by selling the company proprietary information the nitwits would blab into their phones.

Would you even be able to actually use your cell phone as a phone when in flight? I thought you’d be wayyyyy too high up to be able to connect to a tower.

I’d be fine with non-call phone usage (so no Skype or face time or anything even if the plane has WiFi you can use).

The thing is, I suspect only actual government-imposed legal mandate would work to make people NOT use them for voice comms while inflight without getting into arguments with the cabin crew and their fellow passengers as to how “there’s no law keeping me from this”.

To use cell phones in flight the plane must have additional equipment installed, similar to the wifi connections that many planes already have. If an airline doesn’t wish to permit calls in flight, they just don’t install that capability.

No need for an additional law.

I think anyone bothering me with their damned cellphone should be stripped naked by Air Marshals and frog-marched through the aisles.

I also feel this should be done on the ground in restaurants.

I always use mine anyway as an mp3 player with headphones once they allow electronics. When/if the stewardess motions toward it, I just say, “It’s just an mp3 player - not a phone.” And that’s it.

I’ve got it on airplane mode, for what it’s worth, and it’s in my shirt pocket about 95% of the time, so I very rarely even get asked about it.

The government needs to stop nannying everyone and everything, leave the decision up to the airlines

That’s currently allowed, anyway. You don’t have to claim that it’s not a phone, it just has to be non-transmitting (currently).

I didn’t vote, because I fall into the “none of the above” bucket. I don’t think the government should restrict cell phone usage since it is not a danger to air safety. I think the individual airlines, however, have every right to restrict cell phone use on their flights. I wouldn’t change my travel plans either way, but would make sure I have my headphones with me on every flight where cell phone use is allowed.

Pretty sure that’s option 4.

Talking on phones on aeroplanes, to the extent that you can actually do it (you can’t for 99% of the time unless the aircraft is equipped with a base station), should be policed by society not any government mandate. Yes there will be people who ignore social cues, but that is the price we pay for living with a bunch of other people.

But I DO care! I care deeply. OK, not really. You’re right. So it is voted, so let it be done.

Interesting that over 60% of the people that have responded feel like they need the nanny protection from the government to dictate social behavior.

Cellphone use should be banned on flights because it’s intensely annoying for other passengers. I love the idea of many hours of peace on a flight, uninterrupted by some self-important jerk who just has to have that vital conversation about cover sheets for the TPS reports…

Both exhibitionists and voyeurs would agree with you.