Should the rest of the world increase their arms budget now?

I wonder whether the way war was declared on Iraq is an incentive for all nations to increase their arms budget? Not that the idea of balance of power really worked well in the past…

Increase their arms budget to defend against whom? The U.S.?

I don’t think anybody except Iran, North Korea, and possibly France have anything to worry about in that respect. :smiley:

Good question Optihut, and I think the answer is “yes.” Ultimately this war makes the world a more dangerous place. The hawks know this, but their cronies in the defense and oil industries will profit handsomely.

The question of WMDs is particularly scary. Our policy now seems to be “rogue states” are not allowed to have them. What about “borderline” states? What if, say, Indonesia embarks on a massive Chemical/Nuclear/Biological program? Egypt? Because I think the message is clear, when nations look at how we are treating Iraq versus North Korea, and the new “preemption” doctrine – arm yourself now, with the deadliest weapons possible.

The preemption doctrine is ubsurd in any case…what case do we know have for telling India not to invade Pakistan? There are plenty of regional conflicts in which “preemption” can now be invoked.