Should the US invade Iraq? Yes or no, folks...

Please vote Yes or No. Based on evidence available NOW, should the US invade Iraq?

If you care to provide any justification, feel free. But START with either Yes or No.

I vote NO.

I vote no.

George doesn’t care, though. He’s gonna do it anyway. After that, Tony Blair will tell him it’s OK to invade the Sudetenland.


I vote yes.


Absolutely NO

from an outsiders POV…Bush looks like a crazed maniac getting scarier by the day.

What gives the US the right to invade anywhere? By this logic it is equally okay for Iraq to invade whoever they like as well. I mean from their POV they are the good guys in all of this.

The media in the US and its “allies” is so full of unsubstantiated war promoting rhetoric you can only shudder at thoughts as to what the real agenda might be, and the repercussions further down the track for the rest of the world if they don’t step in line behind the US.

sad and scary times we live in


No, like anyone cares.


I prefer to continue the apparently successful policy of containment of Saddam’s reign in Iraq. I’d support a regime change and having Saddam put into exile somewhere. What troubles me most is the matter of what happens after we invade and take over Iraq. We’re already still stuck in Afghanistan and that nation hasn’t exactly taken to democracy so I’ve no confidence at all that we could successfully remake Iraq. That, plus I’d rather go back to the war against Bin Laden, the one who actually attacked us.

I vote no with the evidence (or lack therof) we have at this time.

I vote no.

The case has NOT been made, and even if it had, preemptive invasions should not be in the US’s repertoire.

Put me in the “NO” column. Iraq has a scary leader in Saddam Hussein, but his people do not deserve to suffer for his extremes as long as he can be contained. I would, however, support a commando raid to kill the sonofabitch. I regard him as an arch criminal, and his people as his victims. They don’t need to be victimized by us too.


We don’t need another war (ie goal).

We have yet to catch O.B.
We’re mired in Afghanistan for the long term.
North Korea has cannon fodder lined up at its borders waiting for GWB to move on Iraq.
If the US feels they can do a pre-emptive strike based on a fear (no proof positive) of possible WMD, who is to say that some other country, say Pakistan or India, won’t make the same claim of the other and start dropping nukes on each other.

GWB runs the country like a flaky, unfocused businessman - he sets these goals, but he never reaches them before he moves onto the next one. Goddam it focus and just get one thing done successfully. He would get an awful 360 review and performance appraisal if I were his boss. “failure to meet established goals, no attention to detail, relies on others to make decisions” No wonder the economy is in the crapper.

An emphatic NO.

We simply don’t have anything close to reasonable grounds to do so. Thousands of lives would be lost. It is making us appear–justly–as a rogue nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. And it’s stupidly, inevitably “proving” to the Arab world that the extremists are right: the United States is the enemy.

The guns of August, indeed. The inmates are running the asylum.



If we act on the evidence presented so far, we will be seen as war seeking. We would also reap the hatred that action would encourage in the rest of the world.

The US should be seen as acting on higher principles, rather than using force just because we can.

Another big, fat “NO!”

I don’t believe it’s justified. But Dubya seems hell-bent on war, no matter what the cost, or what excuse he has to foist on the world in order to get there. And Blair, his ever-faithful little poodle, is of course willing to drag the UK to war as well. Asshats, the both of them…

Put me down as NO

For one, monkey boy agrees to inspectors and gives them time to unpack their clothes before he says that Saddam is failing and needs to be bombed.:rolleyes:

Two: Saddam as a danger to the U.S. and the free world?:rolleyes: :rolleyes: Saddam would never do anything to turn world support against him and towards an invasion of Iraq. He likes being in power. Why risk that to stub Americas proverbial toe? Al Qaeda and North Korea are far more dangerous. Let Major Mustache over their keep mouthing off. He won’t touch us.

Three: Seems like every single stock report I’ve heard for the last two weeks starts with some variant of “Stocks went down today as fears of war increase.” Bush wants to fix the economy, he should focus on that.

That’s all I got. I’ll be steppin’ off me soapbox now.


I have yet to see any evidence that the invasion is anything other than a smokescreen for all the other issues Bush doesn’t want to deal with.


For the reasons everybody else already gave.

Hell, Yes!

For the reasons no one has given.