Should the US use the purple finger voting method?

Yes it would prevent voter fraud, but after some consideration this may be a minor advantage.

The big advantage is so we know who votes and who doesn’t, which may tend to have more people participate.

It doesn’t force people to vote for anyone, they can go in to the booth and pull no levers.

Then again I some people might dye their finger just to make it look like they voted.

What about people who are allergic to the dye? Or people who go door-to-door, telling people they need to dip their finger in the dye before they go to vote to speed up the registration process, only to find out they’re denied access. How about people who have a cold, dip their finger in the dye, and possibly infect the next hundred people? We’d have an overnight urban legend of somebody putting pins or broken glass infected with HIV into the dye. This process discriminates against purple people. Oh, the drama! :rolleyes:

I don’t think we’ll switch to this system.

I think I’ll stick with the little “I voted” sticker, which comes cleanly off my shirt at the end of the day.

How about a small arm brand? That would never go away and would be positively collectable. Grandparents could point to to each little brand and tell daring stories to their grandchildren about each election they voted in.

I’m still holding out for S & H Green Stamps. How could voter turnout not rise?

One can only imagine the cracks this would prompt about America taking lessons in democracy from Iraq.

I agree that it’s minor. Even people who believe we are having big voter fraud problems in this country say it’s electronic fraud.

The majority of eligible voters don’t vote, so this wouldn’t exactly make them feel like outcasts. If anything, I think the purple-fingered citizens would feel sort of stupid.

And this does discriminate against those of us with colloidal silver or methemoglobinemia. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if I get to pick which finger.

You need something more permanent, like a tattoo, or use a punch to put a hole in your ear.

How would this prevent voter fraud.
I guess the dye wouldn’t wear off the dead voters so they will only vote one more time.

Will Absentee ballots come with a little jar of Purple Dye? The county I live in is considering going to all mail in balloting.

I didn’t want to get into the technical aspects of how it would work.

Prevent people from voting 2 or more time.

Well perhaps that may work as a stop gap method till we re forced to get the mircochip implanted on the palm or the forehead.

I don’t think so, people who vote are in my experence darn proud of it and be more then willing to speak out against non-voters. They are also greatful of voters and usually thank them. While non-voters , well a sub-set don’t vote for appathy, I can’t see them standing up for not giving a f–k; another subset just don’t like the canidates, but again they can go to vote and just not vote for anyone (I would wag that this would be more effective in their cause then not showing up at all); and the 3rd subset would be people openly opposed to voting (or some other political statement) - I don’t think these people are in the majority.
I can also see other incentives like purple finger discounts at businesses free public transit for the next day.

I wasn’t being serious. While some people are enthusiastic about voting, I’m sure that most people who don’t vote also won’t care if voters are showing off their fingers.

I don’t think the peer pressure to vote will ever be so powerful that people will pretend to vote just to get the purple dye. I mean, current non-voters could just lie and say they’d voted, but I don’t imagine a lot of them do.

But what about my right to vote early and vote often?


You do know they give out stickers, right? :slight_smile:

(NYC Pollworkers here). We don’t. They have to sign their names and once they’ve signed, under their own signature of record, that’s it. They can go into the booth and do any crazy thing they want, like vote for Lieberman <ahem> and it won’t matter. And they leave with nothing but the warm feeling of having performed their civic duty.

Now, of course, since we don’t require ID either, somebody could presumably come in, give somebody else’s name and address, forge their signature convicingly, and then vote, and then come in in disguise (we may have a 16-hour day but we’re not that exhausted that we wouldn’t see the same person) and vote again. But that seems like an awful lot of trouble.

Purple dye would get so messy, because most of our voters first voted for Roosevelt (Theodore) and I hardly trust many of them to pick up the pen, let alone stick their fingers into a little bottle of dye without toppling it all over our mandatory Voter’s Rights Posters in Ten Languages. And the lawsuits…The dye made me sick! The dye stained my clothes! The dye was licked by my baby/dog and a few days later they felt sick! I’m Orthodox and we’re not allowed to tattoo ourselves! Yadda yadda yadda.

How would it keep hackers, I’m sorry, technicians from casting or changing votes?

It is against the law for anyone to ‘pay’ anyone, in any way, for voting. So no discounts would be possible.

Other wise would could just hand out 5 dollar bills at the voting booth to get turnout.
Ultimately, we would never do it because America doesn’t copy another country, expecially not a country like Iraq.

AFAIK it wouldn’t unless they left some purple die on the keyboard to trace them.

Did I mention paying someone, did I say a 1099 contractor or a w2 employee? No I did not. I said different rates people must pay for goods and services depening on if they voted.

I wish we would and drill in ANWR.

If it works and would be benaficial why not, I think it would be a great boost not only for our country but for Iraq as well.

[Man Still Pissed About The 2000 Election] I’d prefer a method that prevents people in Florida from being systematically disenfranchised by the purge of their names on voter rolls by a private company because they just happen to have the same last name or share a birthday with a convicted felon.[/Man Still Pissed About The 2000 Election.]


Detroit could have used the purple finger method in its recent mayoral elections. They were crooked as hell, and the city clerk is currently under federal investigation. News reporters found that the voter rolls contained hundreds, maybe thousands, of people whose registered addresses were vacant lots, burned-out crack houses, utility buildings, and other such non-residences. You don’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure out that there were probably people who voted at multiple precincts.

Purple fingers wouldn’t have stopped all the fraud, however. There are allegations that people were going around to nursing homes and helping senile old people to fill out absentee ballots. Apparently, the Alzheimer’s crowd overwhelmingly supported the incumbent :dubious:

The incumbent mayor, who trailed his opponent in the polls throughout the entire electoral race, won a surprise victory. Pollsters were at a loss to explain how they messed up so badly. The Detroit Mayoral Race of 2005 was either the biggest polling blunder since “Dewey Beats Truman,” or a successful electoral fraud.