Should the word 'Fuck' be allowed into Primetime Cable Television? Poll

Watching Good Morning America this morning I learned that the word ‘fuck’ very well may be brought into primetime tv with in a few weeks. Apparently, those shows who use the word like Soprano’s et al. gain higher ratings than those who do not. And as long as the word is used as an Adjective and not a Verb, it will be allowed starting as early as next week. *

Personally, I do not think the F-Bomb is anything to get in a tizzy about. It has no religious connotations, is not gender or race specific, and is thought to simply be a swear.

Though I have heard it’s origins coming from the 19th century and meaning For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge…however, I do not have a cite for that.

So what do the teemings feel about this? Anyone not mind at all if it is allowed? Anyone offended? Why?

**I was unable to dig up a cite for this on the Good Morning America webpage…any help would be appreciated.

It doesn’t offend me as much as make me wonder about the vocabulary of the user. I recall waiting in line years ago and a young fellow nearby liberally peppered his oration with variations on the word. Very impressive, that. :rolleyes:

I’ve been known to use the word myself, but it was always deliberate and designed for its shock value (well, unless I was propositioning the spousal unit, but that doesn’t count.) I find foul language to be, for the most part, childish and unnecessary. I’ll neither tune in nor tune out based upon language alone, but if some writers decide to include cussin’ for its own sake, I’m probably not going to watch.

Personally, I expect the Sopranos gets higher ratings because the writing and acting is of much better quality than the crap on most network shows. I doubt that the F-bomb has anything to do with anything.

As GrandMaster Cecil once remarked, the likelihood of a “cute” etymology being correct is inversely proportional to its cuteness. I don’t think this is taken at all seriously by those who study words. The last I heard, “fuck” was thought to be related to German “ficken” ( = “strike”, I think. Our sex language is often pretty rough in its origins), supporting the idea that it really is an Anglo-Saxonism.

As for itts use on prime-time TV, I have to admit that I’d rather ir be kept separate. Right now it’s on premium cable, where I can go and hear it if I wish. But once it gets onto late-time regular TV, it’s only a step from daytime TV (prime-time shoiws get syndicated, after all), and then I’m going to be explaining this sooner than I want to my daughter.

I wouldn’t object, as long as they don’t overdo it. Maybe language should just be included in a voluntary parental advisory before the show begins. If it isn’t already.

BTW, Cecil and Snopes agree that fuck did NOT derive from an acronym.

Why not? They already use ‘shit’ and ‘asshole’ on a regular basis. Heck, on Spike TV’s “The Joe Schmo Show,” they introduce one of the characters as Hutch, the Asshole. It’s as much a part of the language as any other word. But to include it on the logic that shows with it have betters ratings is stupid. Like FairyChatMom said, might it have something to do with the overall writing, perhaps? And to think that NYPD got so much controversy when it debuted just around 10 or 11 years ago, in part(the other part being bare asses shown), for using saying far less.

Fuck yeah!

I think it should be allowed. Whether it’s used well is a separate concern.

Thanks for reminding me the finale is on tonight. (Ok, now I’m embarrassed I admitted to watching it, o well).

I gotta vote against the f’n-heimer being on prime time TV. Gimme the good ol’ days when you could watch a movie on TV with the dialogue overdubbed for swear words. I always remember forget being the substitute…

“Forget you”

“Go forget yourself!”

“I already forgot your wife”

Ahh, amnesia, priceless.

I have no problem with it after your average TV can be set not to receive programs with such language. I don’t want to have to explain to a 3 year old what they’re saying and why it’s not an acceptable term for her to use.

“Fuck” came into the English language way too late (15th century) to be an Anglo-Saxonism, and way too early to be an acronym. One of the earliest recorded users, the Scottish poet William Dunbar, spelled it “fukkit,” which would knock out the acronym theory anyway.

As for the OP, I wouldn’t care one way or the other, except that I’m generally opposed to things that upset little old ladies.

Does that include wearing sweaters in 85 degree weather? :wink:

Cool, I am for the F-word getting in Prime-Time Cable TV. I watch Nip/Tuck cause they use the S-word, I can’t wait til I here the F-word on that show.

Well, fuck. Who cares, really?

I hate it when people think a word like “fuck” is going to bring us into the last days and I enjoy using it. Sign me up as one who thinks it would be fucking great if they used it on any TV at all.

Redubbed movies with absurd euphemisms are both unforgivable and unwatchable. Why is US programming like this? Don’t you guys know that the rest of the world is laughing at you?

While my freedom of speech advocacy leads me to reject censoring “fuck,” as a practical matter I am sure it will be used badly, so I’m not looking forward to it. I mean, those New Yawkuhs who use fuck or some variant of it as their every third word … what a tiresome bunch of fuckin’ idiots. Don’t really wanna hear more from them … knowwhutImean?

I’m for it, mainly because of the inance redubbing of movies that a few others have mentioned.

For those who don’t mind the word, but are afraid that their kids will use it in the wrong setting, you could try what I do. I tell him certain words are home words or even Mommy and Matty words since my husband is kind of fucking old fashioned. This has worked since he was no more than 3 1/2. In fact, we had a little swearing session last night in the car. He loved it and told me “What the fucking shit” was a home word.

You know, I don’t think I’d mind it so much on TV as long as it was in a reasonable context. I have to say it sorta ticks me off to see it on T-Shirts and bumperstickers though. I guess I’m a fuddy-duddy but that seems really unnecessary. (Ohh, my bumpersticker has cussing! I’m a baaaaaaaad boy! HEE HEE.)

Caricci - my sister uses this tactic with my nephew and neice. However, I must say, it was really funny trying to keep a strait face when the four year old neice said, " mommy, billy is being a fucking idiot…"

I laughed for quite while in the bathroom after that one. Couldn’t laugh in front of the neice…you know no positive reinforcement for negative behaviours…