Should they be put away forever?

Tonight’s episode of Law and Order brought up a subject that is in the news alot lately.
Should sex offenders be put away forever because of the “fact” that they cannot be reformed, or is this a self-fulfilling truth due to the fact that the state will only hire psychologists that will spout the approved line, and released sex offenders will be harassed out of house, home and job by neighbors and “concerned” citizens?
If a person is told by the state, all popular literature, and his/her own psychiatrist that they can NOT change and will not change, what do you think the result will be?

What is a “sex offender,” anyway? The term can include child molesters, forcible rapists/sodomists, in many jurisdictions consenting adults committing some sexual act that happens to be against that state’s laws, fetishists, B&D practitioners, sadists, masochists, lawyers, and who knows what. Before we resolve any of slythe’s questions, we need to define our terms. (Why do I think I sound like Lib.? :))

Well, I’d like to cast my vote AGAINST child molesters. Their recidivism rate is very high, keep them in jail

Patrick Ashley

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ -Edmund Burke

Pashley, do you think that our constantly telling them that they cannot reform and are doomed forever to repeat their crimes MIGHT have something to do with the recidivism rate?
Polycarp, one way or the other all of your examples are grouped in the sex-offender catagory. For the purposes of this topic, why don’t we limit the topic to rapists and child molesters?

Of course they shouldn’t be put away forever.


I already posted this in the Pedophiles thread, but it bears repeating.

There is such a thing as rehabilitation for sexual offenders (child molesters, that is), but it is no longer practiced.

There was a program in Vermont where pedophiles were getting therapy, and confronting their own abusive childhoods. The revidicism rate was extremely low. The reason it was stopped was because it was too intense for the guards. They couldn’t handle it.

The reasoning for this method was that, while only about 5% of abused children grow up to be abusers, close to 100% of abusers were, themselves, abused.

I thought that the 100% figure sounded a little high, but this comes from my psychologist girlfriend who is researching this very thing.