Should We Cancel the Winter Olympics?

Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune

As you can see above, millions of dollars will be lost if the games are canceled. The financial loss would be astonishing not to mentioned the emotional upheaval and disappointment of the athletes who have been training for years to participate.

To cancel the games would be bowing to the terrorist threat and give them the emotional power they want.

On the other hand, it is hard not imagine that an attack on the Olympics isn’t a tempting morsel for ObL and his goons. No security measure is full-proof. There will be thousands of people packed into small areas and basically act as sitting ducks if security fails during a potential terrorist attack. A successful attack will be in essence an attack on the world as far as sending a message from ObL.

Should the Salt Lake Olympic Committee consider the potential loss of life in the event of a terrorist attack over the financial and emotional hits if they are canceled? Which is more important at a time like this? Financial loss? Loss of human life? The blow to our morale by giving into our fears?

I firmly believe that the games should continue. That the terrorist not win a victory by playing our fears. However, I would be less than honest to say that I will breath a huge sigh of relief when they pack up the Olympic tent and head on outa town.

Big deal if the game “look militarized”. A military presence is not uncommon in most of the world. Especially when there are large international gatherings. The games need to go on.