Should We Enlist The MAFIA In The "War on Terror"?

A modest proposal: why doesn’t the US Government use the Mafia to breaK up the terrorist cells in the USA? WE should call a meeting with the Mob godfathers, and make a deal…they agree to wipe out the Islamic terrorists who are hiding in the central cities…and in retiurn, we give them immunity from prosecution.
Think about it,with the contacts that the Mob has, we should be able to track down and kill all of these wannabe terrorists,and we don’t have to worry about courts, indictments, etc. Just give the Mafia a licence to blow them away.
And, we can always deny it! Plus, the Mafia is expert at making people disappear…so that should strike terro in the hearts of those savages. Think about it…a younf egyptian terrorist makes his way to NYC, and attempts to contact his assigned cell mates…and finds all of them have been murdered by the Mafia (they are “sleeping with the fishes”)…this would sens Al-Queda a good strong message! :smiley:

I’m not sure this would really work. After all, do you know how expensive it is to ship marinara to Pakistan?

Good idea for a movie, though. Kind of a comedic take on Rambo and The Godfather all in the same flick.

I believe in the past, the Mafia was recruited to try and assassinate Castro.

I don’t think I need to tell you whether or not they were successful.

I have a feeling someone’s gonna tell me I’m being whooshed here, but I’ll forge ahead anyway:

  1. Who are these “Islamic terrorists hiding in the central cities”? If there are indeed such persons, why can’t they be investigated, arrested and charged according to existing laws? Why would an organization with no cultural, religious or social relationship with the presumed terrorists be any better at identifying said terrorists than the existing authorities?

  2. I don’t think granting a clandestine criminal organization, officially sanctioned, essentially unlimited vigilante powers, is likely to provide benefits greater than the problems such a policy would cause.

  3. Likewise, I don’t see the benefit to essentially legitimizing and rewarding said organization with government ‘contracts’, essentially in recognition of its long and sad history of criminal behavior.

  4. Your premise easily be read as “why can’t we just ignore our entire body of law whenever it suits the government to do so?” Come to think of it, one could argue that’s just about what some elements within the current adminstration seem to believe, but since most people seem to think that’s a bad idea, I fail to see where the OP’s proposal is much better.

…it has been proven that existing law enforcement is hopeless againsts these terrorists. Take the case of the 9/11 murder gang…two months afeter the atrocity, two of this bunch had their visa applications approved by the State Dept.! What I’m saying is, the Mafia has a lot of “street smarts”, and they can use their street people to keep an eye out. So, when a budding young terrorist moves in to a neighborhood, we can have “Rocco” check him out. If he has no explanation, then they blow him away! The body they dump in the Jersey Marshes…and Al-Queda is minus one operative.
These terrorists are planning their moves as we speak…lets use our Mafia allies to wipe them out before they get a chance to kill again! :smiley:

You’re idea isn’t just lunatic, Ralph, you’re also advocating criminal activity.

I cannot understand why the mods haven’t shut down this thread.

Yes, we would be so much safer if we let ‘Rocco’ decide who is a budding young terrorist. :rolleyes:

Your single example is not sufficient proof. If existing law enforcement is hopeless against terrorists, why have there been no terrorist attacks on US soil since 2001?

So, please educate us: what are the specific identifying characteristics of a budding young terrorist? If these characteristics are easy to list, why would we need the Mafia to do the identification?

BTW, if this really is a joke thread, as seems to be the case, please just say so and I’ll move on.

Screw all this Mafia baloney. What a waste of time. “War on terrorism” is a joke anyway. The Paul Fitzroy Solution: drop a nice neutron bomb on Iran, followed by one on Saudi Arabia. Bulldoze every stinkin’ hovel in Gaza and the West Bank; destroy Hamas and Hezbollah. We’ve just eliminated a whole fifth column of world society which contributes nothing and sucks in the money of everyone else, funding jealous acts of terror against the superior West. No more terror.

Been listening to your old Randy Newman albums again, Paul?

[Fat Tony]

“Why officer, we had to whack the entire Vespucci Family because they was a threat to national security.”

[/Fat Tony]

OTOH, it might be useful to enlist The Outfit to clean the mad dogs out of street drug sales. :dubious:

And I’d like them to take back Vegas. Prices have gone through the roof since multinational corporations took over.

Well, you’ve just made clear that your vocation doesn’t include working with children or Habitat For Humanity.

I fail to see how turning the Middle East into a glass parking-lot will help give people warm-and-fuzzy feelings about the U.S.

Paul, the USSR tried paving the sand paradise into their own parking lot. Not only they failed, a few years later they were no more.

You know what?, that attitude is one of the most relevant inciters of terrorism. If I´d knew that people out there were thinking about taking that kind of measures about me, my people and country the chances that I´d become a “terrorist” are quite high. Terrorism in quotations because isn´t your plan a big terrrorist plot to begin with?

So your plan is to bomb the people of the Middle East until no one there hates us anymore? That’s, um, really smart. But clearly necessary – what really chaps my hides is that those crazy ass foreigners don’t even see that we’re the good guys!

Or at least a book.

It’s not about the people in the Middle East hating us or not hating us. They will hate us as long as they subscribe to a religion, Islam, that declares that the whole world must be ‘Dar Al Islam,’ and that non-Muslims must be forcibly converted or killed. They will hate us no matter what. What we need to do is eliminate the funding for Muslim terrorism. Where does that come from? It comes from Saudi Arabia. It comes from buying Arab oil. We need to end our dependence on Arab oil. If Saudi Arabia were wiped off the map tomorrow, most of the funding for terrorism would disappear. What would the Arabs do without us paying them for their oil (which we discovered there in the first place?) Nothing. They don’t create. They don’t advance culture. They just suck up our money and stab us in the back.

Well, I’d say that’s about as clear and succinct an expression of blind bigotry as anyone is ever likely to find in this forum. Thanks for sharing.

I’m not supporting the OP, but there is precident for his plan. In 1942, the US Government asked Lucky Lucianno to ensure that no Nazi saboteurs would operate in New York area docks and shipyards, and the mob boss was happy to comply, even from his prison cell. As far as I know, his soldiers were succeesful’ and no ships were ever lost or damaged in port. Befor that, in the 30’s, tthe authorities also encouraged the Jewish crime organizations to go after Nazis and Nazi sympathizers in their areas; Mickey Cohen was especially effective in breaking up their rallies.

The situation yoday, of course, is quite different.

I still think the Mob could be useful to deter terrorists…and a few extra-judicialkillings might make it difficult to recruit in the USA. Take that blind sheik in NJ (that is running an active terror cell). Nobody seems to know what to do with him (the Egyptians won’t take him back). I say let Rocco and Sal take care of him…if you know what I mean!